New Player, CAM Question

So, not new to the franchise, but to the XB1 version, about 1 month of play time. Anyways, got to the point where I finally turned off CAM yesterday… because Dojo… and I’m noticing my combos doing a LOT more damage to my opponents than before. Granted I’m dropping combo’s more often now and hitting more manuals, that’ll just take practice to get over (my poor Shadow’s combo rating keeps falling now). But does having the CAM on cause you to do less damage on average? I can’t find anything to indicate that it does so I’m assuming it’s because I’m linking/auto’ing less with the mid/lows and contacting more with the high’s, or something on that order.

Maining Fulgore since SNES. Also, loving Hisako’s play style.

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Nope, it’s entirely dependent on what moves you do in the combo. You’ll find you may have greater control over what moves you do, or that certain options are harder to do strictly with CAM like some Linkers/Enders, but otherwise you can play with or without it perfectly fine.

In fact, while Combo Assist is on you can still do everything the normal way if you like. You can also customize it to toggle certain features to your liking.

Welcome to the new KI, man! Hope you’re having a good time with it.

Have you tried the exact same combo with and without CAM? It’s not designed to do any more or less damage, so maybe you’re just connecting things that you didn’t before?

That could be why. When you drop a combo the potential damage remains so if you drop it then manage to start a second combo, even if it’s a short one, you’ll do more damage overall than if you hadn’t dropped the combo and simply finished it.


@SithLordEDP is correct. You are building up PD and then cashing it out. Basically doing an unintentional reset.