New "Onryo" shirt from EightySixed!

It looks so cool!! Thought I’d make a topic for it since I didn’t see it in the news section :stuck_out_tongue: what do you all think?! I like it a lot!


Awesome stuff.

From the ring to Killer Instinct.


That looks brilliant!

Amazing. Stuff like this needs to be in the official KI store.

Hmm, not sure about the eyes…

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Where’s @Marbledecker & @STORM179 when you need 'em?

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I ordered two this morning :heart_eyes:

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Lol. @xSkeletalx actually told me about this last night. While I love Hisako, I don’t generally like her art, toys, or whatever else. I love how she looks in-game, but tend to dislike her other portrayals.

This shirt is actually pretty cool though I’ll admit. It’s one of the few official Sako depictions outside the game that I think is solid. Prolly won’t be picking it up though - can’t think of when I’d wear a shirt with a small ghostly Japanese chick on it :joy:

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Anyknow know if shipping is as insane as ultimate source for us international players?

They don’t ship internationally…

FFS -___________________-

edit. Oh they do, just have to ask them about it. :sailboat:

Really, really fantastic artwork on this one. Love the use of reds to give the design some punch, and the grunge textures that make it look old and papery! Definitely a great homage to the character.


I actually really like that!

But you’d look like 10x manlier every time you wore it

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Still waiting for my Riptor shirt.

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@STORM179 is pretty built too, so it could be his muscle shirt to impress the ladies.


The way I described it to Storm was “classy manga,” though I’m still not entirely sure it was the most accurate description.

“not only am I in great shape, you can also see by my shirt that I’m also very open minded. I’m into girls of all races, ages, and states of life, death, or decay! …why are you running away?”

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I like it!

All I need now is a Hisako hoodie! Please make this happen, I will buy like 5.