New night gaurds characters

Merlin , hermit druids father & mentor .

Feng , mistblade shinbio.

El obsdians , aztec wrestler champions .

Tornado , Aerokinesis Djinn .

Maokai, heartwood treefolk .

Tatsunaria, possessed samurai .

Kelvin, galaxy leader .

Leostien , panther warrior tribe .

David master , famous rockstar star .

Neel Patel , bollywood fighter .

Let me know if anyone got idea of new nightgaurds characters

You already posted these ideas in another thread as well as a thread that got closed. Not sure why you keep posting the same things in multiple threads.

Just going to throw this out there as well, but what are these ideas? Like who do you want them to be beyond a possessed samurai or a rock star? What’s their story? What’s their look? Any ideas for moves? Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of a Djinn that controls wind, but what else is there to him or her? Maybe explore some of those ideas with the character names and identities you already put in the original thread.

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I havent got idea of story yet it take time you more welcome to help me with story if you want