New moves for some characters ideas

What characters do you think should get new moves and what would they be? Me especially after S3 changes I think maya should get a new special or one from ki2 to be her new damage ender and maybe give saburwulf a command grab to mix it up. Idk I just feel some of the cast needs more moves maybe changes to old ones, but what do you think

Give Fulgore normal Shadow Meter,pip canceling requiring no meter,2x damage,fireballs are now hypbe beams. Using all your meter for an inatant win. Give me taht and I will quit because I can’t use my favorite without being called cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it doe I pip for each cancel

I want Aganos to get a 16 frame chunk up animation, walls take no damage, he can’t be thrown, and he never losses chunks!