New Modes in Season 3?

We are very close to launch now and not a peep about new game modes. On streams in the past month the devs have hinted at “really cool stuff” they haven’t shown yet - after all the characters revealed. So what is it? We have a stream today but no word about showing anything new. What is the plan for showing us new modes or the “really cool stuff?”

Also, please don’t get this thread closed by discussing leaks.

Really, I’d just like a trial mode for everyone.


Well, the leak showed off some sort of new mode, but I won’t say it by name since we have been repeatedly told not to discuss those things on this site lol but we do know there is at least one, w.e it is.

Shadow lab was added mid season 2.

Surelly there are new modes in the table, but maybe not at launch.

Also, they heavily hinted a new use for KI gold. Maybe a new mode could use ki gold(or ingame currency) for several purposes, just as SFV

I’m hoping for a tournament mode in season 3.

While that’s true, I have noticed at least twice, in the past streams, that they have hinted at some other big stuff they haven’t shown yet. So since they already reveled the four characters, what could that be? And why bring it up if it weren’t for launch?

Well I saw some links that may or may not have shown stuff that may or may not have been shown by an outsider who didn’t quite plug the hole in the watering hose if you know what I am saying lol

There is a new mode called Godtier,

In this mode you face off against a single boss named Guts he is the grandmaster of the immortal Tusk who is himself immortal and indestructible with an even bigger sword called the DragonSlayer™

The goal is you try to survive as long as you can because you can never defeat him. Trick is you always die. There was only one man who ever survived and that was Tusk hence “Death comes to ALL… but me!”. This is how he gained his immortality.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Lol


Is this real ? Lol

One hunnid percent.


I’m assuming the gold will be for accessories can’t see much else u could use gold for? I believe that’s why we are only getting 3 stages because of all the accessories they’ve packed in A la tekken. So maybe we are getting a edit type mode?

7 days left. still plenty of time to info drop.

Hmm I don’t think that’s it. You could already buy accessories in S1/S2 so I don’t think they would consider that ‘more stuff to spend KI gold on this Season’. And we saw the screenshots of Kim and Rash’s accessories. By those screenshots, the amount of accessories hasn’t changed.

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I wouldn’t know the purpose of it right now but maybe the new mode involves people wagering KI Gold vs each other in matches?

I have no idea what the mode is, and do not care to theorycraft.
However, any new mode that I can enjoy locally with a friend would be amazing.
Fighting games are meant for 2P, so any mode outside of a practice/training mode would get me excited.

Yeah it would be wonderful if we could have two gamertags logged in at once for local play. But judging from streams I am not holding my breath.


True, well I doubt that’s gonna happen tho.

Someone had an idea about fighting for factions, similar to MKX Factions that I liked.

The Tibetian Monks, The Night Guard, The Disavowed, The Combo Gym! Lol

“Stay tuned”.

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Team Ultratech FTW

Or w.e team Spinal will be on :wink: