New member, Hi KI fans

Welcome! It’s nice to have new people come in!

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Ello $P£@k¡N’ in +€x+ 2 §@¥ w£|<0m€ 2 KI


I actually understood that. Lol That’s cool.

Welcome to the cooler side of the community, hah.

even more cheers dudes.
Over whelmed by the welcome
Was rockin the drunken master last night and again tonight.

Ki 4 life!!!

Anybody online just now?

Send me a FR if you ever want to invite me if I’m online. GT is the same as name here just add the space between tiger and spirit.

Welcome to our club! Feel free to hit people up for friendly sparring matches. :smiley:
Look forward to playing and learning with you, comrade.

Sent you an FR dude👍

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Hi there, welcome to the forums. Want to keep up on the latest news, speculation, information and throw feedback to the developers (who might even put the suggestions in, as they did with mine in the middle of S2)? You’ve come to the right place.

Currently Fulgore main, Aganos/Jago secondary (though my Jago needs work), learning Riptor, pocket Spinal.

Would be happy to fight you/train with you. GT is the same as my username.

cheers dude, just added you. next time I see you online I’ll give you a shout