New member, Hi KI fans

Joined forums while watching KI world cup but didn’t get round to posting. Live in Scotland so struggled withe the time difference but it was worth it.
Been playing since xbone launched but would still not class myself as particularly good. I did beat a killer in ranked the other week though :blush:
I mainly use jago or sabrewulf but fancy learning a new main for S3.

Anyway hi folks…


Welcome to the forums!

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Hi and welcome! Plenty to choose from in s3.

An Aria player.

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Thanks krizmkazm, bojima404

Welcome to the KI Forums, my friend! :smile:

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Cheers dude :beers: cant beat a friendly welcome :blush:

welcome to the currently best game in the world … or universe if you consider that astronaut playing tetris in space …

Welcome! If you need any tips or have any questions just ask and we are all ready to help anyway we can! Check out the forum battles Saturday and get in with the group if you want to play as well!

Look for the Forum Battles thread


Have fun KI is the best!

Welcome to the community! It took me a good year of playing before I joined the forums and I feel like I was accepted pretty well. If you have any questions, ask anyone! Most people here are decent enough to respect your thoughts.

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Welcome to the family!


Thanks for the welcome everyone :+1:
Finished work for the weekend, corona is open so time for some KI

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Drunken KI? Now that sounds like a fun challenge!

“Aww, man! I hit that button, not that other button…!”

I can see the drunken frustration already as all of your coordination goes out the window, not to mention your very own social attitude.

“I lost because it was your fault!”

LOL! :smiley:

In the words of the KI announcer:



Give an add GT: J Marius

Welcome bro! Enjoy your time here!

welcome to the forums! see you in the arenas, and good luck in your rise to glory :sunglasses:

He might be aiming for that drunken master status.:grinning:

Welcome man! Hope you enjoy this here community! Glad to have ya aboard. :slightly_smiling:

I’ve done sleepy KI before, but never drunk KI. Might have to give that a shot this weekend.

Omg I got KI during season 2 wait for combo & Maya and I literally spent a weekend in front of my TV