New Level 4 Ender Effect: Toggle On or Off?

Alright, now Season 3 is out!
People are doing theirs to make the game work, seems like there’s some with PC problems etc, I hope everyone gets that fixed. No launch is 100% perfect, so let IG know about the problems you have and hopefully they will help sort it out.

But for those who have it all downloaded and ready for playing, I’d like to revive this thread to see what people’s thoughts are on the new L4 ender effect after having experienced it firsthand now.

So please, vote away! :smiley:

Will you have the new Level 4 Ender effect toggled on or off?

  • On
  • Off
  • I might switch now and again

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I’ll get back to you on the 29th.


Yeah Same here. I personally like the way they look, but I’m not sure yet.

Fair enough, I’ll leave this open some time after the S3 release, so I can also try it out. The option to change your vote, should you have voted already, is available though. ^^

When did they announce there would be a toggle?

about a week ago, they said it would be included in the first patch after the season 3 patch.

Any other “under the radar” announcements?

Personally, I’ll switch it on when I’m playing locally to show new people flashy KI.

I’ll probably turn it off during a stream or something, or when I’m playing by myself.

Yo, this is definitely contradictory of what was posted a few days back. glad to see the community warming up to the idea of these neat enders.

Off topic: I love your icon it is pretty dope. Jago gettin’ that puhhh

On topic: Will switch it off. Since it is mandatory at launch I have no choice but to use it so I will see how I feel about it but even after the smooth gameplay clip of it, not my cup of tea!

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Off for the most part. I might turn it on occasionally for casual games with my friends, but as far as my own experience is concerned, I want as little distractions as possible (I would probably even turn down particles if it were possible).

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Since we’re going to have to wait to toggle it till 3.1, I’ll give the new enders a shot for a while. However, based on the current evidence, I’ll probably turn them off most if not all of the time. I could be wrong though, if there’s any that really stand out.

LOL It’s more of Kim taking a selfie and Jago being annoyed, but OK. XD

You can thank The lovely RedZ for making this art! @RTA07

I feel the same way, but it’s still up in the air for me. We will see if I warm up to it.

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Ki Gold will have other uses.

Launch trailer in the next 7 days.

stream today at 6pm EST

New colors supposed to be shown today in a blog.

this site will be updated on the 29th (probably will look more purple and green)

Season 3 character’s retro costumes will have 7 colors if you buy the Ultra s3

anything else @rukizzel

That is what I meant… Jago gettin’ that Puhh’cture (picture) … yeah that lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I want to like it, I totally do but so far I just can’t. If I change my mind great but if not makes no difference thanks to the toggle option. It really was the best solution I am glad they didn’t remove the feature ultimately though regardless if I end up warming up to it or not.


[quote=“SaltyInstinct, post:14, topic:6575”]
Ki Gold will have other uses.
[/quote] “Other” uses? What?


[quote=“SaltyInstinct, post:14, topic:6575”]
stream today at 6pm EST
[/quote] I Hope they’ve upped the stream quality… @rukizzel

[quote=“SaltyInstinct, post:14, topic:6575”]
New colors supposed to be shown today in a blog.

[quote=“SaltyInstinct, post:14, topic:6575”]
this site will be updated on the 29th (probably will look more purple and green)
[/quote]That’s interesting…


Thanks for the update.

in regards to the Ki Gold, that’s all they said unfortunately.

Anyone that automatically hates it without trying it is disingenuous and silly imo.

We are walking a line here, and are dangerously close to the edge of impropriety.

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Walks far, far away from that line.

Sincere apologies.