New kind of Lag?

I rarely get lag in KI, but when it happens, it’s just the usual “Everything goes Slo-Mo”.

Tonight, I’ve been getting the kind of lag you’d expect from a game like CoD, And I’ve never encounter it before tonight.

I’m getting stuffed out of attacks that hit, and by hit, I mean the sound effect of the move hitting plays and any particle effects the move may had go off, but then I’m suddenly being combo’d like my move got stuffed. It’s even happening on Throws, I’ll hit the throw, the get grabbed for a split second, then they’re out of the grab like it didn’t happen, comboing me.

Like I said before, this isn’t the usual slo-mo lag, and as far as the rest of the game, every time it’s happened, there has been no slow down or fps lose or any sign at all that there is lag.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, I’ve played a lot since S3 dropped, including this morning, and this wasn’t happening.

This has been happening since the inception of KI - it’s called rollback lag (and it’s actually a part of what makes the overall networking in KI so good). I’ll let someone else explain exactly what that is though, since I think just about anyone else could explain it better than me. :wink:

I understand Rollback Lag, just odd that it’s taken almost a year and a half of playing KI to experience it…

Everyone has those time where they feel like they’re sure they tech’d that throw or other similar feelings, but when my successful throw animation actually starts, just a few frames in, just enough to notice it’s happening, along with the sfx, and then they’re suddenly not grabbed, and are starting their combo?

I guess i can think of other occurances I’ve had, along with witness on streams, like when you hear “1! 2! 3!!!” during a shadow break, you hear the 3, and the little combo break explosion happens, but nothing happens and you’re locked out or hit with an ender.

So basically, with KI netcode, there is just a few small frames of “Fake time” where what you are seeing is not actually happening. Everything you do is shown on your screen perfectly, and same for the other player, but what THEY do has not been sent to the server and processed, and sent to you yet. So if there is a decent amount of Lag, but not too bad, then that small window becomes a bigger window. So if there are any traded hits that happen in a small window of time (about 5 frames), then what you see on your screen may be different from what the server processes. You only notice this in loosing scenarios, but it happens to them also.

That is the only way the game can “feel good” and also be fair to both players at the same time.

Last. Night was extremly lagfy