New Killer Instinct for Xbox One X series

I’d like to know what possibilities exist of this. Many Fans hope that it will be possible


All the possibilities exist. Zero information to confirm or refute the idea that a game is in development.

MS has said July will be the reveal of MS
Studios games in progress for Series X. If there is no announcement then, I would say a sequel is unlikely. I have a hard time seeing a scenario where MS thinks a KI sequel is worthwhile but not worth announcing at the launch of a new console. But that is 100% speculation.


While I’m hopeful I feel it is too early to say. It’d be awesome if we do get a sequel. But this is also just wishful thinking. I do hope they confirm my 3 mains off the bat for this KI if it happens

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Presumably the current game did well enough to warrant a follow-up, and there’s arguably never been a better era for fighting games to thrive, but who knows. MS has a long history of fumbling around with studios and being indecisive with IPs. I’d like to think MS and Iron Galaxy would both be eager to work on a new KI together again, because they should have every reason to be.


Listen from the 26:30 mark to Rukari. This probably described the situation about 9 or 10 months ago…so use with caution.

I believe this, 100%. I wish I didn’t, but I do. Having said that, and knowing that I’m not a believer in letting wishful thinking influence real world assessments, if they started work on a KI2 3-6 months after this video was made, it would still be in development longer than KI was prior to the Xbox One release. So I wouldn’t rule out the possibility. Is it likely? No, sadly it’s probably not.

It all comes back to “did the game do well.” None of us really know. Some of us assume it did. Some of us assume it didn’t. But we have no data and no idea of what MS might consider success. So who knows.

Unfortunately, it leaves me with very little reason to think about getting a series X.

I remember the " x million downloads" milestone announced at E3 (?) some years ago. I figured that milestone should have been enough for MS to be hyped and wanting to bring KI back with a bigger budget. These days I have no idea what the x million downloads even means without a proper monetization model.

Personally, I am not at all convinced about certain games really having benefited from free-to-play models. KI being one of them…

But yes, I want a new KI to cheer for!!


There was a time in life where I would annually search Google for Killer Instinct updates searching for rumors and hints on a next KI, only to find Max reaction back in 2013 which was superhype and awesome.

I feel like this again tbh where each Xbox showcase could be the announcement of a next KI (worktitle in my head being KI4K) but as much I hope a new KI will be released and how superhype that also would be again, realistically I do not think KI 2013 was the cashcow MS hoped it would be. Sure 7 million downloads is alot, but how much is this really? Do not forget KI is free to play so anyone with even remote interest could have downloaded it and check out what it is. How many of those free downloads let to purchase of paid content? And did these numbers meet MS expectation on what they targeted to be? All questions we can not answer of course. In the end a product needs to generate revenue. No company, especially in these times, will release a game to please the fans or for nostalgia sake. Of course I will be watching the Xbox Series X conference and hope KI will return.

Meanwhile the current version is doing a nice revival with other FG players acknowledging the godlike netcode and enjoying it. So even if there is no new KI, we still have our little gem we can enjoy. #fighton #playki


I couldn’t tell you if KI lost money, made money or broke even. I don’t know if KI met MS’s expectations because I don’t know what those expectations were. I do know that 7 million downloads is essentially meaningless. My son has started playing recently and every achievement he gets is a diamond achievement - suggesting that hardly any of those downloads put enough time into the game to get such hard to earn achievements as “win a match with Sabrewulf.” So just throw that in the pile of “made up numbers” MS put together this generation to avoid talking about the huge gap in sales numbers between Xbox and PlayStation.

The hope that won’t go away is that I never got the impression MS needed KI to be a big earner. Rukari mentions this in the video - sometimes you just want something to generate positive buzz. And KI is a bit of a rocky story as far as positive and negative attention. But it’s also a Rocky story in the sense that they resurrected this dead franchise, showed that they could do the franchise justice and actually make games that aren’t Halo or Forza or Gears. It sounds marginal but Xbox NEEDS this if it’s going to stay relevant. What are the compelling stories that are going to keep people interested in what MS is doing? Hint: it’s not anything they showed off last week.


Ok so we know KI 2 isn’t going to happen right now. That’s all we know for now. But it’s not impossible.

Absolutely.Killer Instinct is the only game that Microsoft can compete with the exclusive ps5 Gran Blue Fantasy (japan’s best-selling game) or the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive and Street Fighter 6 that will be exclusive to Sony once again. In necessary for microsoft to have his fighting saga so that’s Killer instinct his most successful fighting saga

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Since I’m new to the modern Xbox ecosystem, is that how Diamond Achievements are determined? It’s a living thing where if lots of people play the game but do not earn it, the Achievement is rated as “rare” and Diamond?

Yeah, it’s calculated based on the percentage of players that have earned the achievement. I don’t know the precise rules around how they determine percent of players - if you are a player because you downloaded it? Played it? Played for five minutes? But it’s clear that a lot of rare achievements represent people not getting far in a game. It’s also common for fresh dlc to have all rate achievements because they are linked to the number of players who played the original game.

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I can help with this one! An Xbox achievement becomes a rare diamond achievement if 5% or fewer of the game’s community have unlocked the achievement. With KI releasing in 2013, its free-to-play model, and being on Xbox Game Pass, it is no surprise that achievements that would take us moments like the Stylish “Unlock a color for X character” achievements are considered to be “rare.” :gem:



Thanks for clarifying guys!

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i think they are busy with other games and other things and not related to fighting games, maybe in 2021 they will start thinking if it will be a good idea to make or not however i hope for a new one for series x, old rumors about rocksteady work in on it, personally i don’t believe that, by now they have a 15 internal studios with xbox game studios and for all of those none looks the right one to make a new KI at the moment, so i don’t know any other that iron galaxy that could make a new KI, if they go overseas maybe they can make a deal with arc system works but is unlikely

its always possible. not for launch, but could be shown at next year’s evo/e3 (For example). Iron Galaxy is busy right now, but it could be something discussed at the exec level already and we dont know.

For anyone who follows films, by the time we hear breaking news, this actor is playing x role, those meetings have been going on for months. we hear it now, the studios already have been planning.

games are similar (maybe not as extreme as films though).

Now, MAYBE, at the july thing, MS would just say, and these are some other titles that will make a comeback in the early life cycle of the next gen : and list a few titles and KI COULD be there. doesnt mean they will say anything like that, but they could.

Dont hold breathe, but stranger things have happened. Look at the Snyder-Cut of JL :slight_smile:


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