New Ki Update today 13th April 2016?

Is there a new update? My KI on Xbox One is updating today and the fact that its only at 56% after about a hour or so of downloading and zero mention of this on the forum has me suspicious?

Maya is entering the free character rotation and they released a hot fix yesterday for Kan Ra and Glacius. That could be it but I doubt it would take that long.

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The season 3 update was much quicker than this, it says ready to start but when i click into it it takes me back to the xbox main menu. Its only at 80% and has been downloading for several hours. No idea what is going on. Given me another reason to get a PS4 instead as the issues with XB1 is horrendous.

@rukizzel @TempusChaoti any explanation for this?

We’ve released nothing that would be causing this. The fix the other day was ~70mb. Should not be taking hours. Have you chatted it up with Xbox Support?

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I received an update that was 72MB yesterday. That’s the only patch I know of.

Have you tried a complete power down and reboot of the console, including unplugging the power cord for a couple of minutes? It’s incredible how many different bizarre issues that can fix.


Thanks for the responses on this guys it seems to have been a bizzare issue. It completed downloading and is working fine now although i think i will try the full power down in future (hopefully it wont happen again).