New Jungle Book Movie? Mowgli

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… Hasn’t there just been a Jungle Book movie though?


I was gonna say…

but it looks amazin af

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Warner Bros version??? Nice! I like it’s darker than Disney’s version. But the CGI is not as polished as that one either…It looks, more like puppets :stuck_out_tongue: .

Still, I’m totally gonna see it =D

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The wolves look fugly

I have only seen five movies related to the jungle book.

The classic Disney version (one of my favorite Disney films)

The 2016 version.

This version where that portrays by far the most monstrouse version of Kaa to date

Mogli’s Brothers which was animated by Chuck Jones.

and another version, I can’t remember which but Bagheera was female in that one.

Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought so. :wolf::face_vomiting:


Oh look, the DC universe version of the Jungle Book. It’s not great that the ad has the tag line “the darkest version of the beloved story.”

It looks okay despite that. But I really enjoyed the Disney version and I don’t know that this is necessary. I doubt it will fare well.

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