New interface colors

How did you guys like the new colors and exploding KI logo? I loved the animation, but I’m really not digging the color scheme compared to the current one, neither the somewhat washed out green hue, nor the combination with the rest of the colors. Maybe there’s a story-related reason, but all I could think of when I looked it at it was… snot. Possibly other bodily fluids and excrements. I kid you not.

I’m not sure about the colors either, at least compared to previous seasons. In that regard, I feel like they’re getting worse (IMO, of course) with each season, since I liked the colors for S1 the best, liked S2 a little less, and S3 even less than that. That being said, as far as user interface goes, that’s definitely been getting far, far better with each ongoing season - and I hope it stays that way.

During the S3 reveal stream however, 1 thing I didn’t like were all those vertical lines they had going down the middle of the VS. screen. I felt that they were way too prominate and dominated way too much real-estate in the dead center of the screen. It detracted from the rest of the menu on the screen and the simple, but cool looking VS. logo.

I really like that they have done this finally. The vs logo in KI metal looks so much better and so good imo.

As for the colours I think they are ok, and think they will probably grow on people more, when you get more used to them. I’m sure they probably fit in with upcoming characters somehow.

I LOVE the colors. They look amazing. Purple and green are love, they’re life.


It’s kind of funny actually, because just last Friday, I was wearing a long-sleeved, and purple, button-up shirt with a green T-shirt underneath. :sweat_smile:


I think the colors look alright, but if enough people dislike them than they could still be subject to change, just like anything else in the game.

I think the colors can work if they just make the VFX unique from Seasons 1 and 2. Don’t want it to ape the old styles, needs to be unique. Hopefully some fire/smoke effects could be neat.

Also, the prototype Character Select they had in the World Cup build looked like a nice way to speed up the process. Select a character before you go online, and the cursor will start on them or auto-select them.

I really like it. So I hope there’s not a s h i t storm about it and they decide to change it. But then again if the majority dislike it they should change it. Let me put it like this instead. I vote to keep the purple/green for S3.


I like the purple and green. However the green in the pause menu is too straight. It looks more techno than Gargos. I prefer green smoke.

Colors are nice, I just hope we get a new menu design instead of it just being S2 menu with green and purple instead of red and blue

Just to be clear, I have nothing against redesigns (I welcome them in fact) and I don’t mind the green/purple combination (in fact, my kitchen has a lot of vibrant green elements and my plates and cups are purple), but I don’t like the green hue in particular; it’s dull, greyish, hospital or poison-like. I feel it should be more vibrant.

I love purple and green with a passion!
Maybe the green in menus was too bright

I think the toxic unsettling green is the entire point of the theme.

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Yes, it probably is. I would still like it to be more vibrant, like the red in the current menu.