New game modes: ideas and how to make them effective


A little prelude: officially started with the combo assist, most people should have realized right now the plan of IG to extend KI to everyone, not focusing only on the fighting gamers aficionados. So this thread has been created with 2 purposes:

  1. Giving an incentive of playing KI even more, both for newcomers and hardcores. This can be made by refreshing the game with game modes.

  2. Persuading IG in adding an in-game currency, used not only for the standard things, but also to take part in this initiative I’m going to talk about.

Now, let’s go with the wall of text.


I noticed there were different topics/threads talking about new game modes or expressing ideas of which modes should be inserted. This discussion will differ from the others because I don’t only express ideas regarding them, but also how to make them popular. A hard work is required, but the efforts will be hugely paid in the brief - mid terms.

The tool to advertise these gamemodes is one, universal and simple: MATCHMAKING LOBBY TOURNAMENTS.

What are they? Every week, each day, KI will offer the opportunity of playing a mini tournament in different game modes that will change day by day. Rules of the tournaments will be pretty the same with some exceptions differing from game modes and the condition of taking part will be identical. Plus, in order to avoid any abuse, everyone can take part only for a certain amount of tournaments per week.

This would not only reinforce the exbition mode for the reasons I’m going to explain below, but will also increase greatly the amount of daily players. Now, let’s proceed with explaining how these tournaments should work.


  1. MLTs are available each day of every week. Every player can take part in 2 - 3 tournaments per week with a limit of 1 per day and 1 gamemode per week **(example: if I played Fight-IN on Monday, I can’t play any Fight-IN tournaments for the rest of the week).
  2. MLTs require a ticket to take part in and so for the matchmaking. The ticket can be bought with a possible in-game currency (let’s pretend, for now, this currency is the KI gold) that can be earned only by playing ranked. The tickets will have a fixed price and the purchase will be limited to a certain amount per week (2-3).
  3. The gain of this in-game currency should be regulated and limited per week (500 KI gold per week, for example).
  4. If a player got disconnected from the game, he has a time span to reconnect (3 - 5 minutes).
  5. If the time for reconnecting is up or leaving the tournament before its end would grant a penalty.

Now the rules of how these tournaments are going to be held.

a. Once gathered a ticket, the player will start looking for other participants. The matchmaking will try to assemble players with same identical skills (I said try because it’s a miracle if that happens).
b. A lobby will be created where 8 people are going to enter. When a lobby has been found, the player has to accept in a certain amount of time (10 secs). Once all the players have accepted, the mini tournament will start and the ticket will be used.
c. THE MINI TOURNAMENT IS A FREE-FOR-ALL WITH THE ROUND ROBIN SYSTEM. That means every person has to play again any other player in the room for 2 rounds each. That means a total of 14 rounds per person will be played.
d. The score system would be the same applied to football leagues: 3 points in case of victory (2 rounds won out of 2), 1 point in case of a tie (1 round won out of 2), 0 in case of defeat (0 rounds won out of 2).
e. The matches are going to be played simultaneously, so the waiting time will be reduced to the minimum possible. Once you’ve finished against a player, you have to wait until your next opponent has finished. After that, the second match will start immediately.
f. The tournament is considered finished only when all the players have played their respective 14 rounds. The first 3 ranked will get the prize pool (400 for the first, 250 for the second, 150 for the third).
g. A consolation price in experience points can be given to the participants (OPTIONAL).

These are the general rules on how these mini tournaments are going to be held. It should require a good job from the devs for organizing the stuff, but the results would be aphrodisiac. Now it’s time for the real thing: the game modes.


We talked about MLTs, right? Well, these tournaments will offer various game modes that differ day by day. Here there are my ideas of the game modes that can be implemented:


Denomination terribly inspired by the poker Texas hold’em sit-in, this game mode is a standard. 8 random people will face each other in a mini-tournament, one against each other in a best of 2 rounds. With the rules explained in the previous chapter, the first 3 ranked will get the prize pool. (The prize pool is converted back from ticket to in-game currency).
Character selection is free (it works like 8bitbeatdown interphase with the difference you’re allowed to change character even if you have won).


Another terrible inspiration by Yugi Oh series, this game mode is the same as the fight-in with the difference you have to invite a friend and cooperate together in a lobby of 8 people composed of 2 players each. The huge difference is that you alone are going to play only 7 rounds, while your teammate is going to play the others. So the key is to trust your friend and to gather as much victories as you can because both of you are the key of your success. The captain of the team will meet the other captains while the second is going to meet the other seconds. The prize pool will be equally divided among the first 3 teams.
The 2 rounds are played simultaneously.


Probably a gamemode that is going to be one of the most favorites by many people because of strategy, elimination draft will put 8 people against each other in a best of 2 rounds.
In this modality, before ever starting any match, the player will be brought to the fighter selection screen where he has 30 seconds to decide a character he wants to take with him. After that, the game will give 6 random characters from the pool (that means ANY character is available, even the ones you don’t own) that are added to the character you picked.
Well, after that, the real show starts. In each match, you have to choose a character and you have to play with it for the 2 rounds. However, here’s the trick. After that match, you can’t select that fighter anymore until the end of the tournament.
This means you have to calculate which character you should use and if you want to risk your trump card immediately or to spare it for somebody stronger.
To make the things interesting, the fighter pool will be visible to both at the selection screen, including also the characters already picked in the previous face offs. A cool implement would be a pop up indicating the character that each one has chosen before the random assignment. The prize pool will be divided among the first 3 ranked.


This game mode is for people loving random jesus, so be careful. Season draft will bring 8 people in a free-for-all tournament in a best of 2 rounds. For the 14 rounds you have at disposal only 3 characters randomly assigned, 1 per season, among any fighter, including the ones you don’t own. You can choose any of them and you can play them without limits, with the opportunity of using the same character 14 times. The only limit is you can’t change between rounds.
The prize pool will be divided among the first 3 ranked. Of course, this gamemode can’t be included before the end of season 3 or after a good pool of that season.


If you love being more random and casual, this is the ideal for you. This gamemode will put you against other 7 people that are loving the thrill of luck. In each match you’re getting a random fighter you have to use for the 2 rounds. The prize pool will be divided among the first 3 ranked.


This game mode is quite complicated to explain. I might give more information if I get positive criticism with this post. Being encouraged is the key of unleashing my fantasy.


In few lines, exbition is getting a huge benefit from these gamemodes because of one, simple, incredible reason: the opportunity of hosting public and private lobbies with these modes. Giving this to the community along with the refreshing style, KI would increment a lot the playing population. Moreover, the fact of having different choices of how to play will make the game evergreen and people won’t get tired easily.

Well, I hope I expressed my ideas well and I’m opened to critics/likes/whateveryouwant. Getting this post as sticky would be a top dream, but I know it’s hard to happen. Now up to you.