New dev takeing over after Iron Galaxy for a possible Season 4?

Ken Lobb mentioned in an interview that they were wanting to keep KI alive for as long as possible, so I think a 4th Season is defiantly a possibility. I think since IG is so busy with Divekcik and other games that a 2nd dev switch might be required. Before S3’s end a new dev gets assigned and learns the engine so S4 can launch with less of a gap after S3. Two studios I see having a possible influence might be Netherrealm Studios and/or Arc System Works. Netherrealm is a great company and could add interesting content to the game (NO FATALITIES!!! T RATED GAME), they could also take a break from MK or Injsutice. Arc System Works is a great company with many fighters under their belt. It would be good to have Japanese devs have a touch at an American production, the publicity in Japan could stur up interest in the Japanese scene. A 3rd candidate is old Rare themselves. They could have a go and revisit their own IP, they made the series. Who knows.

Season 4 is a must.

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No disrespect to other companies. But I’m really liking what Iron Galaxy has done with s2 and I know s3 will be great as well! Change is inevitable but IG knows their stuff! I hope they can continue the reign. Although I don’t know if we really need a true season 4, at least gameplay wise. If we get 26 characters (8 from s3), that’s a solid amount of matchups given how unique each character is. I think usfiv has 44 characters, but some characters are more like slight variations that ultimately play similar. So if KI goes this route, I guess it’ll be more realistic to go to a season 5. If it goes to s5, I won’t be complaining! :slight_smile: I don’t know what will happen after s3. But this is the best game ever. Period. So I’m sure the future will be bright!

I don’t know why you’re hoping for another developer transition. Based on historical precedent, KI was lucky to survive the first one.

I also don’t know where you get this bit about Divekick being too much of an imposition for IG to keep going on KI. IG work on a lot of other games.

I’m VERY HIGHLY doubtful about Iron Galaxy Studios being replace by another game company/development team. That’s all I’m going to say on that

Actually they could do fatalities, Remember MK vs DC?

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Will not happen… only reason DH was replaced was because they got bought out by Amazon… that’s how IG stepped in and they will continue to developer it into the future… even if another company steps in… The rating and content wouldn’t change… MS is in charge of everything that goes into the game.


The chance of Netherrealm doing it is virtually zero. Why would WB let their fully owned studio work on a property that they don’t own the IP of in a genre where they are one of the main competitors?

Simply put, they wouldn’t.


okay… sorry for making you guys upset.

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Do you know what would be sick? Amazon allowing DH to work on S4 and IG and DH work TOGETHER to make s4


The HEXengine (graphic engine) that Double Helix has created for this game are getting old (2013). Season 3 should be definitely the last season of this game. So by 2018-2019 we shall get a new KI with a full roster, graphics better than MKX and no more of this thing of seasons into a fighting game. Playtonic (original rareware team) as the official 2nd party developer of the game. The return of Mick Gordon working side by side with David Wise creating Godlike songs for this new game. KI4 can be an astonishing game. It just depend on how Microsoft can do things right and take good decisions.

The path for an AAA Killer Instinct game is at hand.

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I will kill to see KI running in UE4 and develops by Arc System Works.

Right, it could be possible. No idea if a contract was agreed upon between Microsoft and IG. The only reason Double Helix ended development after Season 1 was due to their buyout by Amazon. I see no issues with IG maintaining responsibility over the long haul with the game, if Ken Lobb believes the game should evolve, then it will. If financial support doesn’t pose a problem in the future and fan support continues to grow on PC, there is unlimited potential.

Remember that the resurgence of KI is still a bitter pill for some in the fighting game community. They’ve grown with some form of Capcom or Netherealms game in their arsenal over their entire lives. We are all at the behest of the developers and their desire for the game to be recognized among the top fighting games. Community support and die-hard fans currently working on the game will hopefully make sure that happens!

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That would very awesome! But I always want playtonic to work KI Season 4 or other new KI.

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How about every developer/musician/staff who works/worked on KI all come together to make this awesome new KI. I can dream.