New content update anytime soon?

Not really, just using what you said as a jumping-off point to address everyone.

Though I suppose the way you worded it looked like to me a bit like you were grouping Shago in with Omen in the “didn’t get a gold skin” category. But it’s all good.

Anyway, like I said earlier, IMHO everyone should get gold skins, save Shago. Omen needs love too.

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Honestly, I believe Shago didn’t get gold skin because he would be very similar to Jago.

I mean, gold Jago vs gold Shago is rightfully harder to identify during the heat of the match.

There are more differences between Shin Hisako-Hisako and Kilgore-Fulgore than Jago-Shago

Just guessing tho

Well that’s just it. I don’t know how hard it would be. Do you know how hard it would be? I’m just saying quantitatively the difference in packages. The gold skin packs gives one gold skin to three characters (usually, the most recent being the exception) for $5, and omen got a pack of three colors just for himself for $1. He did get the better deal.

Granted everyone else already has skins 7-9 and granted this should have been something he had all along. But omen had never had a whole lot as far as accessories, skins, etc… I still think omen got a pretty good deal…

Now who’s up for some gem skins? That sounds cool? I wouldn’t mind an emerald riptor or a ruby Saberwulf, a diamond Jago, Sapphire eyedoll, topaz gargos, opal Kan Ra, onyx Glacius, etc…

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@developers Segwaying back on topic I think people are just asking if we could possibly have a little sizzle for anything in the future beyond the final gold pack and ultimate we already know about.

Maybe just a little sizzle :wink::grin:


We wont hear anything other than a ‘Stay Tuned’ for the forceable future :cry:
Cross your fingers we get a surprise at gamescom.