New Content Predictions for KI in 2016?

Wanted to get your thoughts on this what do you guys predict will happen for KI in season 3 where new content is concerned?

What do you see this company doing after season 3 is over? Do you think there will be new shadow characters? new accessories or costumes? I personally would love to see a Shadow thunder and costumes for season 1 and 2.

I want a cat woman Orchid. :smiley:

It’s tough to say really. I want to say they are going to continue support, maybe not an entire new season, but I think they will still release some content here and there for a while after S3 wraps up. Maybe a character or two, possibly stages for some characters that aren’t getting them now (Mira, Gargos) and maybe new colors and accessories.

i think that if there is a season 4, it will have like 3 characters, 1 stage, a new mode, and balance patches.

I heard they are working on a killer instinct kart and tennis mode for season 3.

lol they should make a KI olympics type game like that old NES game Crash N The Boys Street Challenge. lol. Sadira would bring the salt with her web traps during a parkour running course

More accessories

A deep replay mode

online training

X2 on accessories but have they ever done it in the past? my guess is they may not be bringing anything for season 1 and 2 characters as they are old now. But age should not matter so long as the character is popular and the cosmetic makes money.