New Colors per character?

I’ve been out of the loop lately, wondering if there will be new colors per character coming?

Not that I’ve heard of.

It’s a great option for them to look into,
If shadow lords mode doesn’t brig us new accessories- I’m sure color isn’t a hard thing to do on the mesh frames

The question is: does anyone want to do it

Pretty sure Shadow Lords will have stuff to accessorize your characters. Its supposed to be a replayable single player mode so there have to be rewards for that to a certain extent.

Good I need a new orchid head lol

Onlu for seasn3 characters and only THEIR retros. Which sucks because IDK what makes the season3 characters so special when they could of also made color7s for the retro characters of all seasons.

How about this idea? COLOR WHEEL!!!

Seriously, most of the color sets completely clash with the characters’ base outfits and accessories. When you give a crap what your character looks like when you play, that leaves very few options.