New Cinder Trailblazer move idea. (not the replacement of the current Trailblazer)

In KI1, Cinder Trailblazer with FP, traveling long distance to hit the opponent. (on snes, the distance no had limits).
In new KI trailblazer is very short! go on different angles, but it does not allow you to quickly reach the opponent.
I sometimes feel stuck on the site and forced to use pyrobombs.
It would be nice to hit the opponent with a fast and unexpected trailblazer, able to cover the whole distance of the stage. An aggressive blow as the horizontal Kim Wu dragon Kick.

This shot could be in many different ways:

  • Push back the opponent (wall bounce like Fulgore FK kick);
  • Throw the opponent back in the air and exchanging position (like Kim wu dragon kick);
  • If it is blocked, to have a quick recovery with the possibility of counter;
  • If it is used during instinct mode, it could inflame the opponent;
  • This move could be available only in instinct mode, or when Cinder burns, or it might be a shadow move.

Galcius for example has got back its original move, can melt and travel up to the opponent to hit him, it would be nice if Cinder could regain his retro trailblazer move.

I even thought of a temperature bar, a fast bar like Hisako bar. when the bar it’s full, Cinder Burn, while we use special attacks the bar empties, when it is empty Cinder does not burn and you have to wait 8 (or 9) second…not remember.


This would ultimately ground Cinder though, which he would suffer from. He depends heavily on his juggle game and ambiguous setups to get things going considering his weak damage.

If this change were to be implemented he would lose the basic Cinder fundamentals and his play-style would have to be approached differently.

I wouldn’t mind the change but a complete overhaul would need to be done with his move-list so that it compliments and revolves around the burn meter.


it’s just a move that allows Cinder to travel faster in the area.

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People don’t have to use it though.

People don’t have to use wrath, chunks or even meter for that matter.

But, it becomes a huge part of the character when implemented into a burn meter. Something like that should carry some weight and not only be there as one simple move.

If implemented though I’m sure juggles could still work but in a way where the meter works.

Maybe it can still reach the same distance as regular juggles, but instead deals potential damage with the more burn meter. Seems interesting enough.

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I would only accept this if it doesn’t completely replace his current Trailblazer. It’s like what @oTigerSpirit said. Changing the way Trailblazer works would also be messing with his juggling ability which is a huge part of the character’s playstyle. I’d also like to add that what you’re suggesting really takes away the uniqueness of the move itself and makes it more like a standard “move that just goes forward” that a lot of characters have. I get that you want to make it more like the original Trailblazer, but I feel that the reason it was changed in the first place was so that it wasn’t just another Wind Kick, or Shoulder Tackle, or Slide, or Swiping Move. You get the idea.

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I thought this as an additional move, not a replacement of the actual Trailblazer.
front front + FP. Also in air.

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This dude already has Fired Up Inferno. I don’t want to worry about this kind of move either.

what? A trailblazer buff?! Yea… I like the idea of having a full screen crossing trailblazer from firedump (fired - up sorry). What concerns me is that Cinder cannot do shadow trailblazer after normal trailblazing… Why i juggle with his trailblazer then i cannot EX it ?!?

This would increase the range of trailblazer specially while airborne. Btw i guess they wont do anything about it cause i’ve asked before for a change on his pyroboms to increase his juggles but nothing came through it just a slight buff on how they detonate.

Cinder is a flying character. He deserve vip treatment on his trailblazer. Better range, better hit landing, better speed.

I kinda agree I don’t think he needs a trailblazer buff or change, he’s fine as he is.

Just hear me out OP: Cinder’s trailblazer allows him to cancel the move in several directions depsite it’s short speed and motion.

He’s not meant to be a straight forward all out offensive character. You have to think a bit more with him then back in the old KI games.

@CrimsonScorch88 in that case it should sacrifice the versatility of trailblazer you shouldn’t change direction to ease up on the amount of speed you’re getting with his move which means you don’t get to do alot of the stuff Cinder can do already. He’s not a straight forward rush down like Riptor or Wulf you have to play a bit different with him.

He should. He shouldnt be so different from KI1 Cinder, that fuc***g badass. Would be fare for him receive more rushdown tools. Giving him more freedom to e.x. more moves in the air like trailblazer after some juggles.

The Cinder we have now is a brain toaster. You have to think a lot before your next move. You have to think enough to get wrecked into a lockout. Please make Cinder more braindead. A native rushdown mixed with air tools.

He deserve a little overhaul just like they did with Fulgore. Nobody has complained that badly about Fulgore changes so something can be done for that flaming deadpool.

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I completely agree, cinder should be more rushdown.

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I can’t tell if your posts are serious anymore.



Yep. Leave air zoning for Sadria. :wink:

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We’re being serious.

I don’t think anyone would like that.

I don’t mind honestly thinking a bit more with Cinder. If I wanna go all out nuts I’ll play as Riptor or Sabrewulf. Cinder’s gameplay currently is one other thing that makes him stand out.

I understand that you want Cinder to be more rush down but in that instance he might as well get an overall which means he shouldn’t be able to do as Rushdown:

Inferno-because this is a move that has range and Cinder being a rushdown simply means he shouldn’t have any ranged advantages. Or make it crappy like it was in KI1 with slow recovery for a full punish.

Juggle ability-Meaning your combos for juggling wouldn’t be needed cause you can justg trailblaze and combo.

Lose the ability to change directions with Trailblazer-This was good for confusing opponents and while it was difficult against characters like Glacius the lack of priority I could understand where it comes from and I figured out how to work with it.

Also ditch the fired-up mechanic because why have it if you get to easily open up your foe and do damage with the quick speed trailblazer?

I think because of the rush down bit he should also lose his burnout enders to cause I’m sure as a rushdown he’ll have no problem with damage.

You’ll get simplicity but in turn you should loose more advantages and work with the simple tools you’ll get with a more simplistic Cinder. Freedom in this case is based on how you use the tools. Sadira may not be as fast as Cinder but she can rush you down and do air stuff. So the way you’d imagine it: a rushdown with air-tools is basically a faster Sadira.

Personally like I had done with Fulgore I adapted. and I was able to play with the charge mechanic even though it took some getting use to. I’ve also adjusted with Cinder and while he can be a real challenge to play, Cinder is still lots of fun.

That’s kind of explicitly what he’s asking for though…he wants Cinder to have a full screen flying attack (that’s probably fast, so difficult to defend against) because his current gameplan isn’t straightforward enough for him.