New capcom crossover fighting game!

We get new capcom crossover game! it’s Harambe vs Capcom! XD

You can download this game for free.


*sighs deeply*
I am so over the whole Harambe thing. Sure, it’s sad, they shot a gorilla to save a child. But the internet has turned this into a really bad meme and now it’s just not fun anymore.


Yeah. To be honestly, I’m starting to get tired of Harambe memes because he’s already dead for four month… But this fan-made game look pretty fun. I wondering when will everybody stop jokes about 9/11? 9/11 memes is worst and unfunny meme of all time, I’ve ever seen…

So basically overall:
The lives of ANY animals/creatures: Deem/view as FAR MORE important and valuable as well as taking top priority.

The lives of humans/human beings: Not so or not as much as well as trivialization and apathy when compared to the lives of animals/creatures.

Am I correct on that particular matter?

In this instance, seems like it. It’s kinda sad too, but there is nothing we can do.

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The situation was handled badly, but rather the gorilla died than the child.


the Harambe memes were purely from a place malice, for the sake of rustling the jimmies.

Most of the jokes are just people lazily slapping a gorilla on something…

Some 9/11 memes are in the same vain, but unlike the “Harambe” stuff. There are some clever jokes well thought out jokes.(there’s a lot of variables in the 9/11 event to derive humor from ie: conspiracy theorist, Bush, airport security, “patriots” ect…)

yes and no. who, where and what~ fuels rather or not someone’s apathetic
fact is: nobody cares about everybody