New Back-Forward Characters

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the huge deficit between Quarter Circle and Back Forward characters. There’s only a total of 4 of them (B-F characters) in the entire game, while 26 characters (including 2 of the back forward) use quarter circle or DP motions. We haven’t had a character who uses the input since Cinder, and we haven’t had one who uses Back-Forward/Down-Up motions exclusively since TJ. Every single KI character released in the last 2 years -from ARIA through all of S3 up to Kilgore and Shinsako- have all used essentially the same inputs.

For a cast as varied in style and gameplay as KI’s, it astounds me that there’s so little variance in control schemes. Part of me has to ask if there’s a particular reason why. KI’s back-forward inputs took away the hassle of charging to make characters with an accessible alternative to QC motions. Most other FG’s still use charge attacks, so why not expand on this unique aspect? Does the inclusion of CAM come into play? Something along the lines of “if you don’t like quarter circles, just turn on Combo Assist” or something to that effect?

I say we could use a new character (hell, a few new characters) who use Back-Forward motions. I’ve compiled a short list of the benefits we could reap from their inclusion:

-Adds something different to the KI Cast, resaturating in an uncommon gameplay element. Helps increase variety of the game even further. We haven’t had one in nearly 2 years now. Let’s shake things up!

-Good for people who don’t like quarter circle motions. There are about of people who have trouble with quarter circle motions (doubly or even triply so with DP motions. I’ve been playing since Season 1 and I still mess those up), particularly those new to fighting games. I was one of them, and my girlfriend currently is one. Sure CAM helps with combos, but any Special Moves that you’d want to use in neutral (like command grabs, fireballs, or uppercuts) are still effectively off limits. That’s why I picked up Sabrewulf in Season 1, and that’s why he and Riptor are my little brother’s favorite characters to play. Having a new character with more forgiving inputs would be an awesome way to get the people who don’t like/can’t do more complex motions more freedom km character choice.

-Less wear and tear on a controller. Complex stick inputs make have made my controllers age considerably. I know a lot of people here have to replace their pads fairly frequently. Not only are the back forward motions more gentle, they also have a smaller margin for error if your controller has started to go south.

-Could be really fun from a mechanical standpoint if you really get into it. Maybe not limit yourselves to just BF/DU, but also the reverse. Maybe have a forward backward move or an Up Down attack like Cinder’s recapture.


I would like another back forward character :smile:
It is not that I can’t do the QCF, QCB, or even a 360 move. I just like the B/F characters more. The moves just seem faster to me. I also like the idea of going from block to special in a quick motion.


I don’t have a problem with this : >


I wouldn’t mind this. In fact, I have a great suggestion on how they could do this as well (at least I think so):

Make a remix character, a Cinder/Glacius hybrid, that essentially plays extremely similarly to KI1 Cinder.

A few new twists could be made, but I would definitely like a more straight-forward KI1 style Cinder design.

Perhaps that could be what Kelvin is.


This topic has got me thinking:
@TheKeits , how does a character’s input scheme come into how they’re being designed? Does it effect internal decisions on balance at all?

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Back forward char are harder to control, feel weirder, and imo, they dont add anything to the game cuz they are not charging any move. Better off just make them normal and not turn off most people

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Agree 100% with OP.

As someone that’s gone through two controllers playing this game, I find that I’m much less rough on controllers when using b-f motions.

Also, and this is completely on me, but there are times when certain d-f or DP motions just work better depending on which side of the opponent I’m on.

It can be rather annoying to have try and be more deliberate when doing a motion because, for whatever reason, the motion that I’ve done a thousand times is suddenly only working 70% of the time as opposed to say 90-95% before.

Plus, it IS nice to have some variety. I don’t think having b-f, d-u or even toward toward or back back would make any player used to d-f or DP motions scratch their head at the complexity of these different motions, so why not add more characters that control this way?

Not being rhetorical either, I’d be curious to know if there’s some sort of drawback to these other forms of inputs.

No joke! Sometimes if they inputs aren’t clean you can get some things you didn’t want, but it also happens between de fireball/dp input as well.
But I totally agree about the controllers.

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While I’ve managed to improve with quarter circle characters I agree with your post 100%.

Bf characters work better for d pad and arcade peripherals

That left analog stick would cause chaos lol

Hold + back motions like grenades etc are cool-

I even like the quarter circle forward -back moves found in games like soul calibur

heck I would love a character that has some backforward and quarter circle inputs… like raptor to add variety… I hate sabrewulfs up downs XD

In all honestly, the reason I don’t play Cinder, TJ, Wulf Riptor etc is because they use BF motions. They feel off, unwieldy and not in line with the rest of the game. Characters are fine, controls not so much.

Think it’s down to personal prefs rather than keeping it consistent though.