New Audio for Intros/Outros in Season 3

Last Night during my interview with Adam Isgreen one of the questions asked was if there would be any new audio added to the game for characters. For example Orchid has been saying shes 1-step closer to flushing out Ultratech for about 4 years now and probably needs to have a new goal. I’m just posting this suggestion officially in the forums in hopes that since there is 3 months left until release perhaps they could fit this in somewhere.

Having new audio for characters even if it’s just 1 more line I think really spices things up for players and helps them feel as if it’s a brand new game and after last night’s interview that’s exactly what I think they are going for which is a fresh and new impression for people even veteran players of S1 and S2.

A quick suggestion that I think makes perfect sense for a new example line Orchid could say is
"Touch me again and I’ll break your face"


new audio with old intros is not enough.

what we need is new cinematics, with new audio in them ofc.

If it’s going to be just new winquotes I don’t want it.


Season 3 is like 60-80 days out, so I doubt they can just add these in for every character in time for launch when they’re probably hard at work polishing up what they have planned for launch. He implied there are new mechanics and some unexpected things, so it would be great if all of those mechanics and additions work flawlessly for the best first impression.

I think Isgreen followed up with his own suggestion of maybe offering additional DLC packs that include more costumes/accessories, new audio/intros, etc. I like that idea.

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Animation would take to much time. Just write some new lines for the voice actors to perform. It works well enough for MKX.

I think it would be cool and viable if there were a few unique cinematics for important and lore friendly MUs like Kan-Ra V Aganos, Cinder V Glacius, and Jago V Orchid that are comparable to the intro that Capcom vs SNK 2 used to have.

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Would anyone have ever had a chance to touch orchid???

I agree with the muppet like mouth animation, new audio could work.

‘I saw you comin’ ( Target spotted)
‘You think you have a chance’ (this should be quick)

The way the mouth 'moves ’ anything could be swapped for the flushing lines

‘Let that be a lesson to all who test my firecat’
(One step closer to flushing out Ultratech)

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Definitely. Jago has been ending paths so many times, Kan-Ra has enough specimens, TJ knows that some have what it takes to beat the champ and Maya definitely thinks that maybe some are worthy prey after all.
What MKX did with the intros was refreshing, comical and a small addition that was still pretty unique. I’d love to see something like that in KI, character specific intros and outros, if only for certain MUs like Jago-Orchid, Maya-Kan Ra, TJ-Cinder etc.

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“Perhaps this was not the path for you.”

-Jago (E3)

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MXK put a LOT of attention to making sure the mouths sync with the words. Games look really bad when that kind of thing isn’t correct, so i hope IG do fix that issue.

Sure, new audio intros and win quotes would be nice. Outside of a “stretch goal” like Adam mentioned, I don’t think it’s worth the time or money considering the alternatives.

But KI could get away with it since they are muppet like animation

Definetly a fan of of this idea. I’d be all for making this a stretch goal of the next community fund or something. Though honestly, I live for the day I get to see Omen declare “Bow before the herald of Gargos” to Gargos himself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think it’d be a good thing to have, most certainly. I think it’d be good to re-use the TJ Cinder intro from the trailers, for one example - “Is that the best you got UltraTech?” Cinder flies into place “no” laughs* “try me…”

Kan-Ra: "I sense… An old enemy"
Aganos: Comes out and yells/roars/smashes something
Kan-ra: “Come then. Let us see who will prevail”

Or as an alternative:
Aganos: looks to the sky and sees aportal "Kan-Ra!.."
Kan-ra: comes out of a portal and lands/walks towards his opponent "Do you honestly think you can stop me? Pathetic!"
Aganos: pulls out a chunk/smashes an object “you die now”

as far as I know Aganos can actually speak so that should work.

So long as it’s not a huge thing and doesn’t take too much to implement I’m game.

Can he? I’ve never seen it mentioned in the game anywhere. I thought he just made noises.

It sounds like he speaks during his intro at least and they could make it sound like words to an extent even if it wasn’t obviously speech…

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If interactive intros do ever make an appearance, might I suggest a few…

Kan Ra: Tell me, does your curse still plauge you?
Tusk: I should be asking you the same thing, sorcerer!

Kan Ra: I’ve waited centuries for this moment!
Aganos (smashes rock)

Aganos: (Again, smashes rock)
Kan Ra: You will be joining the king shortly!

Jago: Who are you?!
Omen: I am you, brother!

Omen: Why do you resist?
Jago: I’d rather die than have your plauge inside my head!

Jago: Your bark is no match for the roar of the tiger!
Sabrewulf: (Howls)

Spinal: (Summoning Voice) "Kill The Shaman!"
Thunder: “I shall vanquish you, wicked one.”

Tj Combo: Think you’re so tough Ferris? Bring It!
Cinder: We’ll see who the real star is, fraud!

Thunder: "Brother… what have they done to you!"

A.R.I.A: Your betrayl will not be tolerated Unit 3
Fulgore: (Deep Robot Voice )"I AM EAGLE! NOT YOUR SLAVE!*

Cinder: I’ll send your ■■■ back to your home planet, frostbite!
Clacius: (Whatever noises he makes, probably insulting his mother I guess…)

Rash: AW Yeah!, I loved this game!
Arbiter: Not sure what “Game” you speak of, but you are no ally to me!

Thunder: "A crow being challenged… by a toad?"
Rash: Not just any toad! A Battletoad!

Eyedol: You cant stop me, Watchman!
Tusk: We shall see traitor!

Tusk: Ready to duel?
TJ: Bring it on Hercules! Lets see what you got!

Jago/Shago: What Illusion is this?
Jago/Shago: This is no illusion, only your reconcile!

Jago: All those years of lies! This ends here False God!
Gargos: Try as you might, in the end you’ll still die!

Gargos: Perhaps your sister will be a worthy slave
Jago: You just sealed your fate demon!

Jago: Ill give you a war you’ll never forget!
Gargos: I have already won

Tusk: You still play at being a dragon?
Riptor: -in text- Riptor only like play with food!

Riptor: -in text- Fresh meat!
Tusk: I’ll make sure you stay extinct this time.

Glacius: -in text- We share the same goals.
Orchid: A… are you threatening me?

Orchid: He’s here. And he looks angry.
Glacius: -in text- Must we fight?

Rash: Ugh! Even I wouldn’t eat those.
Raam: Then you can feed the swarm.

Raam: Serve the queen.
Rash: I’ll serve you a butt kickin!

TJ: I’ma smash them heads right back together. Come on!
Eyedol: You. Will. DIE.

Gargos: You claim to be earth’s hero? Preposterous.
ARIA: All calculations point to your destruction.


Kim Wu: ready for a brawl Jago?
Jago: Don’t be so overconfident Kim Wu

Orchid: It’s Over Aria, you’re Finished!!
ARIA: your determination for victory is futile

Maya: No…it can’t be…
Mira: I’m back my beloved sister

Raam: You shall be fed to the swarm
Cinder: I’ll barbecue you and your little buzzards too

Orchid: You truly admire my brother do you not?
Kim Wu: Are you crazy? what the hell are you talking about?

Mira: My dear sweet sister
Maya: you…are not…my sister!