New achievements: Shadow lords and Eyedol

The game already shows the new achievements! There are 2 secret ones, and we can see the rest of them!

Eyedol achievements give us a sneak peak of some of his accesories!
Retro has a Halloween theme one(one of the heads has a pumpkim!) and something like a gas mask
Normal Eyedol has a bone armor

Shadow lords achievements shows many characters screenshots(there is one of Kan-Ra really good in the astral plane), and they are a lot of them!

I can’t post the images right now tho :S



Shadow Lords achiements:

Astral Assistance (5)
Complete a Shadow Lords mission with a Guardian equipped

Enemy of My Enemy (5)
Recruit an agent of UltraTech to your Shadow Lords team

Three’s A Crowd (5)
Complete 10 Shadow Lords missions using 3 team members

Nerf Master (10)
Remove all of Gargos’ buffs in a Shadow Lords playthrough

The End (10)
Defeat Gargos in Shadow Lords mode

Artisan (5)
Craft 30 items in the Shadow Lords Emporium

Open for Business (5)
Purchase 25 Packs in the Shadow Lords Emporium

Rewards Club Member (5)
Collect Daily Rewards 15 times in Shadow Lords mode

Prolific (10)
Successfully complete 150 Shadow Lords missions

Survivor (20)
Complete a Shadow Lords playthrough without dying

Buff Master (20)
Defeat Gargos with 4 or more buffs in Shadow Lords mode

Hardcore (15)
Defeat Gargos on Godlike difficulty

Astral Miner (20)
Earn 10,000 Astral Gems in Shadow Lords mode

Platinum Club Member (10)
Collect Daily Rewards 50 times in Shadow Lords mode

Guardian Collector (10)
Collect all tiers of one Guardian in Shadow Lords mode

Man’s Best Friend (10)
Feed the same Guardian 500 Astral Energy in Shadow Lords mode

Blood Sucker (10)
Drain 3000 Health, Shadow, or Instinct with the Vampire Bat Guardian in Shadow Lords mode!

Serpent’s Kiss (10)
Inflict 1500 Poison damage with the Snake Guardian in Shadow Lords mode

Seething Agility (10)
Parry 100 attacks with the Exemplar Guardian in Shadow Lords mode

R-R-R-Rammed! (10)
Perform 100 Psychic Breakers with the Ram Guardian in Shadow Lords mode

Secret Achievement (5)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. (Secret)

Secret Achievement5 (5)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. (Secret)


The bone armor looks really cool, Im probably going to use it.
I dont like the hallowen set or the mask set.

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I would post all of the Eyedol ones but they’re all the same as other characters, his one unique achievement is for doing the “wake up” face punch a bunch of times while in instinct.

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If you buff a character does that carry over if you play shadow lords without them as your main?

“Buff Master” “Nerf Master”

Such a missed opportunity that there’s no mention of Keits in these XD

Also, that Survivor achievement is gonna be brutal, isn’t it?

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Something like “Keits pls: Defeated Gargos with all buffs on Godlike difficulty.”

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I played shadow lords since it’s non-ultra release. 5 days now. And there is the achievement for guardian tiers I’m not quite sure I understand. I mean, I have many guardians, but I never saw anything about tiers…

The guardians are organized in pretty typical MMO style tiers:
Green= Common
Blue= Rare
Purple= Epic
Gold= Killer

In addition, any guardian with a pearlescent KI sticker on it is a Perfect guardian, meaning it is as powerful as it can be within its tier.

The higher tier a guardian is, the more powerful its effect, with Perfect Killer Guardians being un-fricken-believably powerful, with insane effects and general boosts to damage/defense.
The tradeoffs, of course is that more powerful guardians are much more expensive to maintain. Refilling a Perfect Killer may set you back 200-300 Astral Energy a piece, while there’s an update coming that makes it so Common Green ones don’t require energy at all.

Hope it helps!

All Killer guardians are perfects.


Did you know that this achievement is currently flag as possibly unobtainable since patch 3.6 on TA?

If that’s true, I just wanted to let you know to correct it.