New Accesories!

Hey guys. I know there’s been talk about new colors and outfits for characters coming either as an Ultra bonus or as additional LoL/CoD style cosmetic DLC.
Well, I think we should discuss a part of that; accessories.
There will probably be new accessories coming in the future, and hopefully they’ll be completely new sets rather than recolors of existing ones.
So with Season 3 not to far away, I think it’s best we get out ideas for new accessories etc. out as soon as possible.
Here’s a few of my own suggestions:

Jago: A tiger fur themed set, available in both standard and white tiger.

Sabrewulf: KI2 Throwback cybernetic arms for his modern costume, available in a variety of metals (stainless steel/silver, cold (black) steel, gold, rusted iron, blued, etc)

Glacius: A spiky icicle themed set

Thunder: A Hercules set, with a big cat as a head (available in multiple species, like lions, jaguars, etc) battle axes for tomohawks.

Sadira: Another set that lets her hair flow out, like a partial hoodless mask. Possibly Mk girl style like her initial concept reveal. OR, more spider themed stuff.

Orchid: A commander/military themed set.

Spinal: An Aztec set with an obsidian chip lined paddle for a blade and runes/stone jaguar stuff

Fulgore: Broad sword style plasma blades and a knight armor set.

Shadow Jago: Horned/Fanged demon set like that one piece of art from the S2 forums.

TJ Combo: Old school boxing gloves! And maybe a Wolverine based set

Maya: A Xina Warrior Princess set would be pretty sweet.

Kan-Ra: A necromancer set, with bone artifacts and armor.

Riptor: Dragon themed set in the style of a D&D Red Dragon. Jagged horns, winglike back structures, and heavily scaled/armored limbs.

Omen: Maskless set, or a tiki themed one lol

Aganos: A skyscraper set based on modern architecture, with a small car as an arm club.

Hisako: Bed sheet Hisako. Maybe a Warhammer/Gears of War style chainsaw staff.

Cinder: Maskless set, or a set emulating the more Doom style concept they initially revealed.

ARIA: Something emulating either Starcraft’s Protoss or the Forerunners from Halo

So, those are my ideas. How bout the community/devs?