New 2021 Killer Instinct Tournament/Event Hosted By Max!

This had been released yesterday:


How does this have zero replies after four days? Man I know this board isn’t exactly jumpin these days but this is messed up.

I for one CAN’T WAIT to watch this today!! Hope it also does some nice numbers viewership-wise. Maybe, perhaps, possibly send the message to MS that hey, there’s still a fanbase here, we still love this franchise and we’d really like to see it continue if Microsoft could look in their couch cushions and find a budget and a new dev for a sequel.

Yeah, continuing good franchises that reviewed well and people enjoyed… I know it’s a radical concept, but hear me out… lol


I’m looking forward to watching this tonight.

I’ve promoted it on a few Discords I’m on, as well as at TestYourMight.

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Nice! Good on you, and glad to see others are psyched for this event. Can’t wait to see some good old, tourney caliber action tonight. :slight_smile:

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I know, right? I would have thought more KI fans would be jumping onboard for this.

Here’s hoping.

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Man, I forgot about this last night. I wanted to support KI by adding to the viewing numbers.

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There were over 40,000 people watching last night, which is fantastic.

The Sets were great and it was all around an excellent event.


Yeah I didn’t get to catch the whole thing, but I really enjoyed what I saw. You could just tell how much depth of knowledge each of the players had with their characters, which I know sounds obvious given the talent level, but there were so many times when I heard Shintristan or Max talking about something tha happened and how it was so different from what they expected in terms of strategy and how interesting it was.

I’m sure there are a lot of games out there that pull down massive audiences of hundreds of thousands or millions of viewers, but to see 45,000 people taking the time out of their day on a Monday evening (or morning, afternoon or night) to watch a game that came out seven years ago and stopped putting content out three years ago is really amazing to me, especially when you’re talking about this genre.

I really hate to view this solely within the context of what MS might see in those numbers or how they might respond (or more likely, not respond), but really, how many games does MS own that would do numbers like that so long after the game is considered “dead?”

I understand that they’re focused on Game Pass and on the new IPs they’re working on and on bringing back Fable and Perfect Dark and who knows what else, but no one at MS seems overly willing to talk about the fact that Killer Instinct on Xbox One was one of the biggest successes on a console that didn’t see that many of them.

It built up a substantial audience from meager beginnings and minimal financial support in to something that 7 million plus people downloaded (a number that’s exceedingly out of date btw) and is still beloved by its community years later.

You don’t just throw that kind of loyalty and appreciation away. Not if you’re trying to build up your library of franchises and make yourself as appealing to as many fans of as many genres as humanly possible given your subscription model. You have all of these great studios now that make phenomenal first person shooters, western RPGs and single player, story driven experiences. Would it kill you to green light a sequel to one of your best stories of the last generation? A game that reviewed well and was loved by so many?

I get that fans of Banjo and Crimson Skies and MechAssault and Lost Odyssey and several other franchises have been waiting in line for years. But you have something here that is still recent enough to warrant some level of investment and yeah, bring back those franchises as well. You’re going to need ever bullet in your chamber if you want to keep growing GPUs subscription base. But for the love of god, Bring Back KI.

Sorry, didn’t mean to rant. Part of me was worried that there would only be a few hundred people or maybe 1,500 most watching last night. So to see the numbers it ACTUALLY did by the end just… It just makes me so happy for the fanbase, but also frustrated that MS just doesn’t seem to care.


Yeah, I could not believe the numbers last night, that was truly impressive.

This is a game, and a franchise, that people really care about, and are really passionate about.

I truly do hope that we get a sequel.


Dude, that’s phenomenal! :smiley: Really goes to show that there are passionate people within the KI community.

Hey, no worries, dude. Totally fine. It’s a natural reaction. If only MS realized what kind of fanbase they have, let alone the opportunities they have with the franchise. I just hope that it’s not the case we have to wait another 20 years for the next KI, otherwise that would be a ■■■■ shame. I hope another KI game is made and that it has more of a budget and that it’s not done with the “good enough” attitude.


Here’s the video for anyone who had missed the tournament: