Never get daily mission loot from shadow mission

Hi, im new in shadow lords, been playing a couple of weeks, but now I notice something odd, theres a daily mision loot, but I never get the ones from the shadow missions, I get multiplayer ones, but never the others, am I doing something wrong? The shadow missions are the ones from the war room isn it? Tanks in advance and happy new year 2017!

Yes they are in the war room your gunna look for shadow missions. They are marked with an S on a purple coin, you’ll see the icon in the mission select card. But the shadow missions are far from abundant, you may have to skip a few turns before they appear. Or just keep grinding until they do show. The daily loot requirement for shadow missions max out after 3 shadow missions

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Tank you very much! I was thinking every mission in the war room was shadow missions (because “Shadow Lords”), I will look for them…

It would make sense, but no. Your typical fight in shadow Lords are against mimics. Can’t help but think, that could’ve gone a different way