Neutral jumping to escape punish

Why is it now that S3 is here EVERYONE is neutral jumping to escape unsafe moves? I understand why they are doing it because it works but why does the game allow this now?

It didnt hit me last week when pretty much every Rash was doing it but now almost every person I run into online is doing it. This doesnt work well for Omen or Glacius with a floaty jump.

I just played a Mira and every time they did an unsafe spiral arrow, I blocked, they neutral jumped to escape punish and then hit me. If I stand there and do anything they land and either throw me or repeat the process.

SO my question is…has this always been the case or am I just late to the party? And if it is new …why is this OK?

@Infilament care to comment on this technique?

Just let them jump and anti air them.

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If a move is unsafe, then jumping doesn’t save them. In fact, it makes the problem a little worse, because you have added time to get your punish (hitting them in their pre-jump frames).

Maybe you’re blocking something that is actually safe and you think it’s not? Maybe you’re pressing your punish buttons much later than you should?

I don’t know enough of Mira’s frame data right now, but I think the light spiral arrow is like -9 or something, but the others are safe (the one that goes through you and the one with a followup kick).


If I yolo some stuff and I have the ability to jump afterwards, it prevents two things:

  1. I can escape throws and command throws

  2. Instead of getting comboed on the ground, I’m getting juggled at worst. I would be fucked with Cinder and Spinal Players though.

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Omens anti air doesnt work in this situation. You say this as if its Jago or Fulgore with a DP…it is not the same situation.

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Its Mira after lIght spiral arrow and Rash after blocked wrecking ball. They both jump immediately and then come down with an attack. You you block both and do nothing the land and thorw. Its hard to put into words… I guess you would just have to play someone and see what Im talking about.

Alot of people are doing it right now and I know the jump recovery was changed for S3 or jump something.

Maybe I should standing normal and catch them on the way up instead of low hit confirm?

Crouching heavy punch? Are you sure it doesn’t work? If they jump back,can’t you catch them in their landing frames with a slide?

Havent tried that…I will do thanks

Straight up neutral jump…not jumping back

If it really is light spiral arrow and not another version, this isn’t a thing. Blocked wrecking ball always puts Rash in the air, so he can come down with an air normal… that’s just part of the move, that’s not him jumping.

You can test the light spiral arrow thing in training easily. Set P2 dummy to Mira, record her doing light spiral arrow, then holding up for about 1-2 seconds. Play back the dummy, block the spiral arrow, then press a button. You should get “punishment” and Mira should not be able to jump. If she is jumping, then try pressing the button earlier until it works.

If you are negative enough, you can’t escape throws and command throws either. If you are just marginally negative (like -3 or something), then yeah, this will work if they try to throw you, but if they press a button, they will stuff you on the ground and you’ll get hit by a grounded combo.

Holding up when you’re at negative frames (ie, the result of having your yolo move blocked) doesn’t really work. If I notice you’re doing it, I’m just going to press a button every time.

No after he lands he jumps straight up. After any blocked air attack…he lands and then jump straight up to avoid punish

If you block one of Rash’s air normals, he is probably quite plus here (I would guess +5 or higher), so yes, neutral jumping will avoid most of your options in this case. This is definitely different from “neutral jumping to escape punish” though, since this is not a punishable situation.

What is Spinal’s best option for this? I ran into a guy the other day (Jago) who would come at me, I would block right, he would neutral jump, then try a low attack or a throw after. I knew he was going to do this every time, but I really couldn’t think of a good way to anti air his neutral jump. Can his down HP catch this?

So what do I do in this situation? It def works because Im using it with Mira now on a guy in Exhibition.

Also not an air normal…wrecking ball…the air normal is after the neutral jump

Rash does an air normal after a wrecking ball, if Rash does nothing after you block the wrecking ball then you can easily just hit him. As for the Mira thing, she can only jump after a heavy spiral arrow which is +2, if it’s the light or medium then your punish should always catch them standing in their pre jump frames, you’re simply not pressing your button early enough.

Theoretically,yes it would work and you can do a juggle afterwards.

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Its the light spiral arrow…not the other 2. Ive said that already.

So what can you do to escape this from Rash or Mira. The "your not pressing buttons fast not is not the issue.

If it’s the light then “you’re not pressing buttons fast enough” is the issue. That move is -9. It is not physically possible for her to jump faster than you can hit her. Even a heavy button will catch her standing, there is a 13 frame window for you to hit her standing if she jumps. As for Rash just anti-air him in between the wrecking ball and the air normal.

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Maybe because Im using a crouching light attack? Or maybe because Im trying to throw off the blocked light SP? I dont understand how you can hit buttons any faster?

At this point you’ll have to record a video or something because I honestly can’t see how you’re missing the punish window.