Neo: the matrix- bo staff weapon

ok so keanu reeves MUST PLAY a character in KI, constantine is raising some eyebrows, but i think NEO from the matrix, armed with a bo staff could be an intriguing character as well… it all boils down to weaponry, and a person whom everyone knows and likes…

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although I like the naginata and katana blades, a bo staff wielding character would indeed be nice too! … this has me thinking of either a new KI character or … Donatello of TMNT … hmmm :smiley:

I’d like to see a character in the vein of Kilik!

However, if I WAS to choose a style that I’d love to see KI, it would be a whip blade character, like Ivy. :smiley:

Okay, Keanu-fanboy, calm down now… I love Keanu Reeves too, but there’s no reason for him, or rather, any character he’s played to be in KI what-so-ever.

So let’s put a pin in it and then move on, shall we?

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As cool as the idea is, I’m with @anon39655210 on this. But imo, I still think the idea is cool. Not saying I want to blend the two. Kinda like how I like 2000-05 rap but I also like stuff like Megadeth; I don’t mix them.

Another WB property that they are likely not going to loan to a rival when they can just as easily use him as a guest for Injustice or MK. While I would like to see Keanu voice someone in the game, it would have to be an original and not based on his previous works.

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definately not a keanu fan boy… i hardly watch movies, but its basically a marketing maneuverer to get more players to killer instinct… his characters are well known by millions, so bringing in a character he played would help out the game very much… this is about expanding KI’s popularity!! SORRY, KI ORIGINALS ARE NOT MAINSTREAM! This game needs a mainstream character, that millions will have interest in… and that people can get behind

Keanu Reeves isn’t that popular atm. If it was 10 years ago, then maybe, but Neo or Constantine aren’t “in” these days.

He’s a cool John Wick though, but I doubt he’d be a guest character.

but the thing with that, is that most people who play mk or dc or ki are the older generation… and the older generation is very familiar with him… he may not be as popular now but his characters he’s played in the past,some are immortal, such as neo

The whole point with guest characters though isn’t to please those who are already playing the game. It’s to draw in people from other fandoms, giving them a reason to buy the game and play it.

PRECISELY :+1: but the guest characters, besides rash… nobody outside the ki realm is familiar with… so the outsiders dont care… we NEED them to care… we need them to say 'holy crap… they put that guy in the game?!!" and it should blow their minds! shin hisako, kilgore, shago… mk or dc players dont give a damn about those guys… but they will turn their heads with a NEO or Constantine… personally played by reeves… its a slam dunk!!

They would bring in more people by using more current and popular characters though. Which was my point.

arbiter and general raam arent known by millions… thousands maybe…

honestly they can go whatever route they want as long as everyone is playing, and everyone is enjoying… i just want IG and KI to do well… i think going my route could and would be the shot in the arm it needed… but i wont be upset if they decide to go another direction… i will keep pitching the idea though, cause its utterly brilliant

But they ARE known by most gamers, and they are also from Xbox exclusive games, like KI is, so using them as guest characters to draw in their respective fandoms made sense. Their player fanbases already had Xbones to play their games on as well.

I’m not a fan of it, but from a business POV, it works.

It’s the same with the many horror characters that joined Mortal Kombat in the later games. They are owned by Warner Bros, like MK is, so putting them in MK to draw in their fandoms and lure them to buy the game so they can play as them… it’s good business.

Constantine or Neo in KI though… doesn’t make sense. There’s no connection at all and the characters aren’t all that popular anymore. It would most likely not be worth putting in the money to get the license and make either of them as a character in the game, because not enough people would buy him. In theory.

i agree with 90 percent… but cant agree with this…