Need help with some mechanics

Long story short, I used to play KI2 a long time ago and noticed the remaster was on Steam, so I got it but I’m clueless about some tech.

First comes the manuals, I got the dojo stage by luck just trying about 200 times until it actually counted. I managed to get a grasp of the timing eventually, but it’s too complex to actually rely on manuals for combos unless you’ve been playing for 1000 hours. Is there any cue or tips to get manuals straight?

The biggest issue I have though, is about cancelling. I can’t get past this dojo at all, I believe it’s bugged because I’m doing as instructed, “Perform resets after a linker” which is Opener > Auto > Linker * Throw * SSword * SDragonpunch, and it doesn’t matter when I press the SSword input I drop it all the time. As soon as possible, adds into the list, but it doesn’t connect and drops back to zero. During wakeup, it’s too late already and the list drops to zero again.

I’ve been trying to get this one for quite a long time and it’s not coming up, what am I doing wrong?

Also excuse me if it’s the wrong place to post, I only came from the Steam forums because I noticed the game’s quite dead (about 50 concurrent players).

What Trial number is it you are having trouble with exactly? Because I’ll replay the challenge myself and see if I can offer any advice, I’ve played those trials many times, and usually when people can’t get them, there’s a miscommunication at play.

Manuals do require practice, but 1000 hours is probably a large overestimate. I’m assuming you know what a linker is, so depending on what you do as a linker dictates what manuals you can do. You can only do a manual of equal or lesser strength than what the linker you just did. So say you use a medium linker, like Jago’s medium wind kick, then you can either do a medium manual, or a light manual. You can not get in a heavy manual after a medium linker. Takes some practice to know the timings, but it’s not that bad.

Of course, as there is with any rule, there are some exceptions, but those are usually character specific based on matchup knowledge and character specific knowledge or your normal moves so, I’m not going to overcomplicate it for you right now, just saying there are exceptions.

Also, Jago’s throw can be cancelled into a shadow move, try inputting the shadow move command while Jago is performing the throw, and the moment he throws the character and releases him, he’ll automatically do the shadow move. It’s real easy to do even with a controller. If you wait until after the throw animation is complete, you’ve waited WAAAAAAYYYYY too late. As soon as you get the throw on the opponent, input the command for the shadow move. As soon as the throw animation ends, it’ll come out.

From there, the opponent will be in a juggle state, which you’ll need some timing to land Shadow Tiger Fury, but the window is fairly wide to hit it.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Regarding manuals, it was just the tutorial with simple inputs, I couldn’t even get them straight, but I guess it’s just about a timing issue on my side.

About the shadow cancel, I eventually guessed it when I just spammed it all the time out of pure rage. Bad instructions in that level IMO, it’s hard to expect that was possible.

Right now I’m having trouble with the lockout combo, I need to do Opener > Auto >linker > HAuto > MAuto > LAuto > Ender, but I can’t get 2 autos in a row without a linker, and even using 2 shadow linkers I can’t manage to get the ender before the combo throws away due to chain theshold.

Now I have to guess what’s wrong, since instructions are again really bad, and after some reasearch I learned kicks (H,L,L) yield the lowest chain meter, so I’m working my way up… In any case, this game’s really dead, there are hundreds of videos on MKX, SFV and Tekken7, but for this game there seems to be very few people contributing, specially in terms of tech.

Update: I managed to pull it off by starting off with a JIK into HK, LK, which ends up around 28 after the starter string. After the whole combo you end up with 98 points, and you can pull the ender. Way to waste time!

I’m guessing that this is trial 29. I think there’s also another miscommunication here too, and there’s also a possibility that the control scheme may be interfering with your inputs. Check in the options menu and see if there is something under your controller settings called “combo assist” turned on. If it is, that would explain why this one is going wrong as combo assist can sometimes mess with people who are more accurate with their button presses.

On the actual combo itself, the Heavy auto to med auto to light auto to heavy auto is a combo trait only Jago can do (and again, if combo assist is on, it will mess with this). This “around the world” technique builds Jago a small amount of instinct when done successfully, but is very predictable and easily breakable, but if your opponent is locked out, there’s no threat to you in doing it, and it maximizes your potential instinct gains and helps damage wise too.

It’s true the kick chains build less KV meter, but it can be done with the punch chain too. The only reason you’d get a blowout is if you did a light Auto double right after the opener portion. What’s important here isn’t you using a kick versus a punch for Jago’s trait, but that the faster light auto doubles build up that KV meter much faster. They are slightly more difficult to break being that they are very hard to react to and you more or less have to guess when they are coming, but to weigh against the advantage they have, they come with the tradeoff of doing less damage, and filling up the KV meter faster.

I would recommend that after the Opener, use a heavy Auto. I finished the combo using a Heavy Opener -> HP Auto -> Heavy Sword -> HP Auto -> MP Auto -> LP Auto -> HP Auto -> Ender and finished with a 103. Again some mix of lack of communication and a general lack of knowledge of the underlying system at play.

Respectfully disagreeing as the game’s livelihood is evident by it’s still strong tournament presence. Our player base is still small compared to more popularized mainstream titles, but KI is gaining traction, and is by no measure a failure or even a dying game. Because of this disproportion, you won’t see as many players putting out tech of this game as frequently.

Unfortunately, the Steam version doesn’t have ranked crossplay (as far as I know) with the Windows platform version (Xbox One, Windows 10), only unranked crossplay, which is nice, but still slightly dividing since I’m sure most Steam players would like to play on the same battlefield as the majority player base. On Xbox though, the player base is very strong and you’ll be able to find matches most any time of day. Probably why the Steam version has such lower participation than expected.

Still, you can get matches with people here on the forums if you want, they can explain and teach you tech all you want. I know it’s not much comfort as being able to get on ranked for some battles to test your might, but we offer what we can. Hopefully in the future, our numbers will grow and we will catch up to the more mainstream games like Mortal Kombat and SFV, but for now, we are keeping the game going with our ongoing support for it.


I think @IronFlame covered most of the important parts, but I’ll also recommend to you - it’s probably one of the best tutorials/training guides ever made for a fighting game.

As for how many people are on Steam, remember that outside of the Ranked the game is crossplay, so you have access to all the players playing on X1 and Windows 10 as well. If you ever have trouble finding a match just go to Exhibition - there are plenty of people still playing KI out there.

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Iron flame is right…if you have combo assist on you cant hold forward and to the “around the world ADs” , you actually have to hold backwards to get that to work on the multi auto double for Jago, Shago and Omen,

Forgot to reply, thanks guys all those tips served me very well.