Nastiest Aganos beatdown I've seen

I actually felt bad for Sadira :confused: … Many may have quit the game after that straight up @$$ whoopin’ lol, which included the post-round “intimidations” of forward walking and the squat stare lol.

Nevertheless, check out this beatdown (specifically game 1 which starts at 16m31s) of Sadira by Aganos.

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To be quite frank, I’d dare say my Aganos is actually better. Then again, I don’t really play ranked all that often, so…

I hear ya. And I’m sure we’ve all beat folks down before. But again, even though I’m definitely pro-Aganos, I just felt bad for Sadira lol. That was just nasty! Specifically because just about every attack of her’s was beat out or absorbed. She got hit by a counter breaker, got her shadow move attempts stuffed, got that Aganos upclose wrath of “block the hit or take the throw”, got pinned and cornered, even had the instinct nullified … basically, she had all the bad things you can experience in KI happen to her … smh!

Lol, I wonder if that Aganos player was thinking …

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The big problem with that Sadira is that she let Aganos take over the match. She also let herself get cornered. She can’t take Aganos on from the ground. I would have done everything to get out of that corner and began smacking Aganos with a myriad of ranged web attacks. Keep him pressured to prevent chunks.

Yea I’m trying Aganos right now, and the pressure is the most challenging thing to deal with, so far Fulgure has been my biggest challenge, If you let Aganos casually stomp around you will be punished…