Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Who else is hyped for it? The demo got released today. I will be using Sasuke when the game comes out.

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Noob sausage. The demo was poo, wish it was a free battle demo with like 4 playable characters heck even just two… we have seen the Hashirama v Madara fight a million times over. I am hyped for NUNS4 but patiently waiting until its two weeks until release then I will go crazy lol

:frowning: But why am I a noob Sausage? For me using Sasuke? He is my favorite character. The thing I liked about the demo is that boss battles will be awesome in this game. I just hope the netcode is good enough for online play.

Everyone likes Sausage. He is like Naruto’s version of Scorpion. All the noobs always pick him and he is that lame antihero guy who doesn’t really have that personality with the oh they killed my family must find revenge blah blah story. Think about it doesn’t Sasuke and Scorpion’s stories sound oddly familiar? It’s a japanese stereotype lol Vegeta was the same, and pretty much any mainstream antihero has the same backstory which is why I tend to dislike them on top of hating characters noobs always use. I prefer Itachi hes the mang.
But yes the boss battles will be awesome but I am most excited for just using all the characters in free battle or ranked thats where all the action is. As long as the netcode is better than MKX paid 90$ for that game and havent played it since a week after launch because it was so bad netcode wise.

depending on the story mode and quicktimes.

if it’s anything as good as Naruto Ninja Storm 2 and 3, yes.

will wait for streamers though to see.
The great Ninja War wasn’t too much about Sasuke and Naruto like Ninja Storm 2 and 3 were and that’s what i want to see.

I use PTS Sasuke. You know the one that had some character development until he left.

I can’t wait for this game. I love to use Guy and lee are my mains. Then when i want to try hard i pull our the 4 and 5 tails. really hype to see who else they are going to add to the game. They say this is going to be the biggest roaster.

Plus transmitting yay fight-transmitting-combo drops/transmitting transmitting. Worse netcode I have ever seen.

The only Sasuke I like is PTS Sasuke from the Chunnin exams. That Shippudden Sausage is lame.

I like the moveset of RinneSasuke so if I can,I might add him in the team so I can use PTS and RinneSasuke. I just want them to fix the always transmitting netcode.

Bought the game on sale last week on the Xbox Store. I enjoy it a lot as I followed the story intensely (until the great war which was poorly written and devoid of any action). Money’s worth!

Also, anyone who has tried Gargos and liked him then this game is probably worth a try. A lot of swooping and yoloing from afar (Can probably never ever say anymore that dbz and Naruto are not fighting games).