My wish list for characters if there ever was a Darkstalkers 4

It’d be a…

Telekinetic girl
Serial killer
Scary clown

Even a dinosaur :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?

I wish for a new Dark Hunter to take Donovan’s place while he’s now forever a vampire.

This Dark Hunter is too a dhampir, devoted to Christianity and he and Anita journey together to find Donovan and stop an evil threat that tries to rule/destroy all of humanity & Darkstalkers. Donovan’s soul deserves peace and possibly later, gives his sword to him. This new Dark Hunter will use a sword fueled by light and based on the cross. He’ll later use both swords his and Donovan’s. Combined with Anita’s psychic powers.

i just wish for a good darkstalkers 4 end of story. amd have it release completed. i dont want to see ono get on a stage 2yrs into release and thank everyone for “playing early access”.

Jekyll & Hyde
Invisbile Man
Phantom of the Opera
Any yokai
Any cryptid

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Man, I’d love a new Darkstalkers. I’d take Darkstalkers 4 over the next three Street Fighter games, but that’s just me. Anyways, here are characters I’d like to see:

Traditional looking witch
Grim Reaper
The Blob
A Wizard

Other than the original cast, I’d like to see DmC Dante as well. Dante and Jedah have had this feud going on in both Capcom Fighting Jam and then again in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, so it would be cool to make him part of the Darkstalker canon. So no, I don’t mean as a guest character, but as an actual part of the main canon lore, merging the two franchises together.

It’s not like Capcom is going to do anything else with them anyways…

A Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist’s creation/Frankenstein esqe monster
Van Helsing like character