My toughs on level four enders on season 3. i like it , but

I Think it is fine , the idea , the concept is Fine . The way it looks if fine too, but the way it is implemented maybe could be different/better .

This screen every time you get a level 4 ender could be too much. Some people ( really good ki players and relevant members os the FGC) had said that it affects important aspects of the game, I think that this level 4 ender animation should be only displayed in certain situations and not every time you reach a level 4 ender .

For example .

instead of every level four ender , use it on level 5 enders or when a level 4 ender comes after a shadow linker .

Also when a level 4 ender takes all the remainng life bar this could be cool with a slow motion effect on the ender until the enemy hits the floor , no matter if it is first or second life bar.

I like the idea, but the way it is implemented i think is too repetitive.

They are introducing a toggle option after release in the next patch, 3.1. This toggle option allows you to turn it off or on.

It is not the subject of the message; the OP brings ideas to improve the ender lvl4. ^^

And I agree with him, so that the effect aparaisse finally of life, or when the combo exceeds (for example) 60 % of life, or when he had a counter breaker in the combo.
When there is a significant event!