My top 5 things i want changed in KI

I know i did this earlier but now after playing for hours last night (facing the same opponents last night. seriously 4 times in a row) and really studying the game for hours these past few days (aka ever since the killer rank ladder reset for october). I’ve finally think i have a good enough enough idea to where the game needs changes. My last list changes were bad and very biased if you couldn’t tell and it was mostly just me playing 5 - 10 matches a day and that’s it. Lately though I’ve been playing a lot more heck i’m at 16 on the killer leaderboard right now so i have a decent knowledge on characters and gameplay so hopefully this one is a lot better.

number 5 - recovery time/vortex/hit stun. I don’t know if it’s just me but i feel like a lot of characters have safe options out of almost all their moves except for a small few like aganos and maybe glacius (i rarely do shadow hail but i know some people do it very often). I think a lot of characters’ recovery time needs to go up on some moves to prevent vortexes. These characters have block strings that are just too good. biggest example is kan-ra but i’ll go with orchid on this one. when she hits and you start blocking her she can keep you blocking for awhile even though her hit animation is gone you still are in hit stun so you have to keep blocking and guessing or you have shadow counter at the right moment to do anything. That shouldn’t be a thing that last for too long. the solution just bump up recovery time on moves, lower hit stun and it should be good. this is something i don’t like so a couple of you guys might not agree with this one but this is my opinion on the subject.

number 4 - Sabrewulf’s feral cancel… sorry sabrewulf players but that is too good for a character who can easily reset their opponent. It’s understandable to have instinct that gives a new perk but it’s too good to have the ability to cancel all of your moves and your opponent not being able to do anything. Wulf is a little hard to break (at least in my opinion) and guessing what is he gonna hit you with to break him or how to block him to keep him from getting a combo or when to drop the shadow counter is not fair. Now i’m not saying get rid of this and that’s all wulf gets no not at all. His instinct should help him get in against zoners which is his difficult match up. As much as i hate to say this, zoning sabre is sometimes too easy and he gets screwed over, bad in fact. So what should he get. My best option i could think of is that in instinct he gains an ability similar to thunder’s instinct or has something similar to strider hiryu’s ouroboros. He’s safe while he’s touching buttons but can still be hit if you read it right. On an earlier post i mentioned that i wanted his dash cross ups to be only available in instinct, i still want this but it’s okay to keep it.

number 3 - Combo break into instinct
one of the best gimmicks in killer instinct and what it’s known for is combo breakers. That’s cool and all but there’s one problem. the characters who can gain so much ground after a combo break especially if they have instinct. The characters who abuse this the most Kan-ra and Spinal (spoiler alert we’ll talking about them later again). Now combo breakers aren’t bad in fact it adds a new field to the game which is unique however a character like kan-ra gains such an advantage that it’s ridiculous. He easily puts maybe 30-40% after a combo breaker if he has instinct because he can actually combo off the breaker. This is relevant to almost all of the characters but kan-ra does a high amount of damage. another character spinal takes all of your meter and sometimes even your instinct meter (usually). These 2 characters have a lot of options especially on break. So you might say “well just nerf their instincts and everything will be good” no there are other characters who gain such a huge advantage on break that it’s not as bad but it can be bad. So what’s the solutions honestly it’s hard. The best thing i came up with which this still sounds stupid because it might still give advantages is that on a combo break the player who gets broken gets launched to about mid screen or maybe full screen and leaves both player stunned for a second. no one can wake up it just stops the momentum for a second but i don’t think this is the best solution because ki is a fast paced game and that might ruin it. So if you guys have a better solution or solutions please leave message below.

Number 2 - unbreakables. so certain characters, i won’t name them have unbreakable that do high amounts of damage. If you think there aren’t any unbreakable’s in ki. Watch evo 2015 top 8 and watch the cinder player perform his bomb unbreakable. It’s cool that someone figured that out but it should have somehow been breakable. So how do we fix this. well i thought for projectiles since they look so similar to one another for almost every character you should be able to combo break them, just know you basically have to guess for a majority of them, and you should not be able to use a counter breaker on hit with a combo projectile. it sounds stupid but i think it might work. This would particularly useful against spinal players who have to use the medium blue skull project to hit you. You at least now have an option to break him if you absolutely need to and it won’t be relied on as much for spinal players. This was my best solution to stop them especially because what or who number 1 is.

Number 1- I haven’t talked about nerfs or buffs except for Wulf but there’s one character that needs to be completely changed to nerf him. He’s way too good, too safe, and too versatile. number 1 goes to the complete nerfing or re-working of kan-ra. I know some kan-ra players are gonna give me slack but just know i like kan-ra. I like his design, i like his character, I want to use him but i hate that he’s so good. I purposely play kan-ra in a different way then most players just to be different! I use to think Kan-ra players were unique and special and it was just so hard to learn but that’s changed. Kan-ra now feels like a virus (i can’t think of a better example). More players are using him because he’s so safe and good. You have so many options that it’s ridiculous. You can combo off of almost everything and your opponent can’t do anything. Even against his bad match ups he’s okay. Some argue that he’s fine no he’s not, he’s far from fair he’s too good. Spectator’s love him because it looks so cool what he can and using him is fun but it’s way too good. Breaking him extremely difficult, hitting him extremely difficult, countering him extremely difficult and yet he hasn’t been nerfed to the extreme. I don’t want this character dead but he needs to change to be more fair in a sense. Everything on this list except for wulf’s number kan-ra does. I really do hope that kan-ra gets changed drastically to make him more about actually performing combo’s with linkers and auto-double then hitting you a thousand times with different moves that all come together

That’s all i have and honestly it’s the best i could do. if you have a better suggestion please leave it below. I love this game and i hope it changes for the better.

This might surprise you based on our interactions in your last thread, but I don’t have a huge problem with #4 on this list. I enjoy having Feral Cancel in my life, but honestly (and don’t hate on me here, fellow Wulfs) but he doesn’t need Feral Cancel to be competitive. I would much rather have something that gave me a better option to deal with zoners, as you’ve stated.

I also agree with #3, but solely based on the fact that some characters get far more out of a combo breaker than others. Spinal and Jago being prime examples. I don’t know enough to say for sure what the fix is, and it doesn’t compel me to stop playing, but I think that this could be tweaked somehow to make things a bit more even in this particular circumstance.

As for #1, there’s a lot of folks saying that Kan-Ra is fun to play as, but miserable to play against. Not even sure where to begin with this one, as the things that make Kan-Ra a tedious opponent are very intrinsic to his design. I’m not knowledgeable enough to present good solutions here; but I think that we must be careful, when discussing solutions, to keep Kan-Ra players in mind. We don’t necessarily want to make the game miserable for Kan-Ra players, just as much as we’d like for it to be less miserable for Kan-Ra’s opponents.

I wouldn’t mind most of these changes, but they are changes that could change the pace of KI and the system itself. I feel like subtle adjustments could work, but there would have to be subtle adjustments to ALL of the cast if anything was done.

RIP Jago Health Combo Break Regain :cry: (XD)

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Number 3 is hard to fix it just is so hard to do

number 1 i like to play as kan-ra it’s fun but there needs to be point to where you have to say okay that’s enough. you can’t do that. That’s why i play more of an offensive game with him that’s up close which is really bad XD. The best way i can describe kan-ra is the people who don’t like kan-ra aren’t using him.

That’s what i fear but it’s okay to slow stuff down a little bit if you don’t you end like umvc3. Repetitive mess that’s broken and not fun after awhile.