My Take on Spinal's story for season 3

Honestly I hope they drop the current mask story (I don’t think they will) and revamp it with a little Ultratech magic and science

My Idea:
660 years ago Byron Agils the II was born into the world but there was a terrible sickness among his family. Each year their minds would be tormented with a pain unlike any other and eventually driven into insanity. The Locals called it “The demon’s whisper.” The only cure were a type of mushroom that could only be found in the most dangerous of places. A Palace Where you could enter but No one could get out alive because of what dwells inside. The most powerful being In the Universe: GARGOS.

After years of training in a swedish military stronghold, Byron felt a sudden change in In his heart. He felt Like he could do anything and not be slain or punished. 5 years later, He struck a deal with the The Castle of Dragons in Korea (Home of Seung Wu) “Help us defeat Gargos, Help us claim our mushrooms, and be rewarded with good fortune for years.”

But Byron Needed more help. He struck the same bargain with the The Pirates and their “Indestructible Fleet” He felt confident that he could beat Gargos and his new army.

When they stormed the castle Gargos unleashed his army. After many casualties, Byron and Seung Wu suceeded. Seung had banished gargos into a dark void with a powerful spell The leader of the pirates had unfortunately perished. Byron Now had the mushrooms within his grasp.

He took a bite but then suddenly Seung Wu, Lashed At his neck with her nunchakus. Gargos’s herald had possessed her but the other men swiftly struck her down killing the herald in the process. Bryon was put in a coma but the men couldn’t tell, and buried him with his mushrooms in an enchanted beach. Many Years later Byron had woken. The mushroom’s did not cure his insanity sickness, but made it worse. It decayed his skin down to the bone. Now a walking immortal skeleton, Ryat adams of Ultratech had kidnapped him and tortured him for his secrets. He had mention one word: Gargos. They released him only to be controlled by Aria Years later. His name forgotten He is now only known as: Spinal!

None of this is canon. Only My idea. Editing comes later I’m tired :P.

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That’s a good story, even though it’s a theory. The devs should take in your story

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Thanks. I don’t expect to be Hired or anything. But I would love If they did something similar to this.

Not getting my hopes up though. I’m already too excited for the offical one!

I disagree. Mushrooms? Really!? Hey kids, want to be an immortal skeleton? Here, have some mushrooms! Nice message you’re sending there… and remember - this game’s rated T for teen. That means kids play this game! Go ahead kids, go do drugs! It’s okay! It’ll only melt the skin off of your face! The absurdity of it all… I certainly hope the devs do better AND tie it into the S1 and S2 storylines.

Also, how do you torture a skeleton? He doesn’t even have a nervous system!

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That’s…a pretty good question. How does a skeleton get tortured if it doesn’t have a nervous system?

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Replace the mushrooms with some medicine?

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I’m not sure if this is still valid (Or even true) In the lyrics of his warlord song I believe it states that he “Devoured” some kind of fungus that altered him. So I tried to used that with what little whe had with him already. He was always ambiguous to me.

I didn’t want to go into it but: It was mental torture.

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Medicine sounds better. I’ll edit some things tomorrow.

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He’s insane though, so no, mental torture wouldn’t work either… If anything, I’d go with magical torture, but that’s not UT’s schtick, because they’re more scientifically and technologically driven. Now, if it were Kan-Ra torturing him, I could believe that.

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…Good point. I’ll think of some editing tommorrow. But for now I some need rest.

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Your take/theory on Spinal’s NEW potential backstory for Season 3 and overall for Killer Instinct is not bad, not bad at all

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While I’m thinking of edits:

If spinal does get a real name (Which I really hope he does) What would you name him?

I’m thinking something nordic…

Mmmm, Swedish IS Nordic. Overall Swedish is part of the Nordic family

My bad. Sorry about that…

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No problem. Mistakes are made after all