My suggestions for polishing up Shadow Lords

1.Personally, I have a problem with consumables. When I press taunt to activate them, I hear announcer screaming my actual guardian power for some reason. Besides, there is insufficient visual indicator for seeing them activated - in heat of combat, its hard to keep an eye on consumable icon in corner.

My suggestion - fix this announcer bug, and add screen freeze for consumable activation similar to Instinct activation, making it more transparent to see.

2.We need practice mode with consumables and guardians (without losing them after usage!!). I mostly use Psychic Breaker one because he is simple to use, but how the hell am I supposed to use Parry Guardian properly from start? Its too risky to practice parry timings in heat of combat with often powerful mimic, I dont want to lose my teams on trainings.

3.Make SL multiplayer not use Single Player resources - this is frustrating, when I want to have a long session with buddy but I am constantly scared that I wont have anything left for single player (altough this is propably designed with microtransactions in mind…).

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Mic Drop… lmfao

Is it? Really? Don’t you get both astral gems to buy whatnot and spirit energy to feed your gaurdian when playing multiplayer shadow lord? Or did I get the daily reward mixed up

Your just mixed up

You can play Shadow Lords MP without any guardians or items, and the daily rewards only require you to win once for everything that day so far. It’s not THAT bad.

Though yeah, I completely agree that Shadow Lords MP shouldn’t consume resources.

Well, personally I can live without Shadow Lords MP, my main concerns are points 1. and 2.

Yeah either have separate multiplayer only items or have separate single player and multiplayer use pips on the guardians and a number indicating how many of a consumable are available in single player or multiplayer depending on what mode you’re in. Each consumable gets to be used once in each mode.

Also really like it if you could highlight each item you and your opponent are bringing in to a match at the fight on screen, so I don’t have to remember what stuff does and I can more easily determine whether I brought the right load out in to a match before I hit A and it starts loading.