My sad Life

So during the years, (I have ADHD Currently 15) I play killer instinct It is my favorite game in all fighting games, I use a different control scheme Replaced the HP + MP + LP with RB and with The other 3 combination Kicks is LB I know. stupid… right? I use a simple easy control scheme. I’m sorry for lying to You KI community. I know I don’t deserve the title. killer on Xbox.

I don’t understand what the issue is? You use an alternate controller scheme? As do I, with a custom CAM enabled for safety measures. There is no shame there. If it works for you, why should it matter what others think? I’m also a pad player with alternate buttons because I despise the default setup.

All good dude, don’t sweat it.


almost the MAJORITY of players use alternate control schemes. There isn’t even such thing as a “default” type of character control, because the main controller of fighting games, the “fight stick”, isn’t even the preferred controller most people use. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to play, and you should not feel any shame at all.