My parents played KI

Just for fun I had my 70 year old parents play a best of 5 in KI. Neither have touched a controller in their lives. Here’s the result…


EPIC MUSIC… jab jab jab jab… EPIC MUSIC… jab jab jab jab…

You should have turned Combo Assist on.

Great stuff, you have cool parents.

My grandma was always yelling at me for not coming over to have lunch in time

“you are always playing that Nintendo thing. I don’t know why your mom bought it to you!”

One day she tried Super Mario All stars

She got so addicted she forgot to make supper LOL

The next day she told me she would “never touch that damn machine again” :laughing:


Yeah, a “runback” set with CAM enabled for both players would be really interesting to watch - it would be a great showcase for how useful CAM can be for new players, and how much more fun the game is for them!


Even if it wasn’t used I will have to say, I found this amusing XD

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And your Killer Instinct Cup 2017 Champion IS…


Your mother really like TJ Combo!

Hey that was meant to be funny. Crazy epic graphics, mixed with the worst play ever.

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Yeah cause he’s my favorite and she saw me play as him once, so she wanted to use him constantly.


I was sure Ted’s mom was going to tea bag after the first round, lol.


Lol I loved this. Their meta is defined by nailing those counter-hits!

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We need to see a runback with CAM on. Imagine there delight when they do combos and recaptures and such! LOL!


I figured it was. It’s hard not to sound monotonous online.

nice very nice remind me mi first time at fighting games long long time ago

My dad actually said between each fight “I don’t want to be a monster. I want to be a man.”


Serious, formal request here. Can you arrange a CAM runback series? I think it would be really awesome!

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Sometimes I wish I didn’t know how to play video games just so I could play KI and have a sense of amazement of what people could do with a controller.
Did you show them how it was “supposed” to look like or just leave it?

That comeback by Ted’s mom at the last match tho! I knew she could do it. Once she started rolling out the quad combos with TJ in the first match I had my money on her lol

I need to get my parents to do this too. They used to play a lot of MK when I was a kid so it would be interesting to watch them play now lol

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I want to see your parents play MKX! That would awesome!

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Last breath bailed her out.