My Orchid artwork progress

updating soon!

stay tuned

Waiting on Kim Wus new outfit


Can’t wait to see your all-new KI fanarts/artworks pretty soon :grinning: :smiley: :smile:

P.S. Or how about Kim Wu and Jago or Kim Wu and Hisako or Kim Wu and Orchid? :wink:

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Yes I am working on Kim Wu Orchid Maya Hisako and Sadira when Kim’s default costume is revealed. My image will have Orchid on a throne with the other females about her like her royal subjects.

My jago is a true monk with the robe and cane
sabrewulf when he was human
Kan Ra human

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Awesome job looking forward to seeing more :sunglasses:

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Good Work…I Feel That.

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here she is! Kim Wu Sadira Maya Hisako & Aria are upcoming​:video_game::heartpulse:

Of course she will be holding her baton- I decided if I’m going to have the firecat behind her or not…

uh there’s no pic or link

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Update coming!!!

This is a stack of some of mynKI sketches one being ms Sadira- trying to decide a Kim Wu solo pose

I’m blocking out a beautiful cast photo in vogue fashion style of the ladies including Mira

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Kim Wu chibi concept

The glam goddess shots are still in progress just felt like doing a cartoony baby Kim