My New KI Charactor "RONIN"

Hey guys I going to create a Character for KI
His name is going to be RONIN, that should explain the base
premise, any suggestions would be welcome.

Back ground story.

Im going to render him in 3D and make his central
theme KI in nature.

Ronin needs help his master now dead, leaves
him vulnerable to wondering the Trollersthread, drunk, without
training. Evil trolls taunting him, luring him down
all the wrong tournaments where he winds up slaughtering
renegade fanboys by the dozens…

His pet. a rescue, will be Riptor.

Aside from the slaughtering of fanboys it seems like a cool idea. Who knows it may have something to do with the katana guardian from SL so it’s always a possibility except for the riptor pet I doubt UT will sell one to a guy drunk and down on his luck let alone misplace a baby.

Renegade fanboys are the trolls.
They dont look like humans, zombie like.

He took riptor with him after looting ultra tech.
(But alternate pets are welcome)

Maybe a side kick?

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yeah you.
This is why we should be able to delete our own posts.
I would delete this and you along with it.

MODS please delete this Ill keep it to my regular topic, where
this dude will show up next.

So if you want a mod to delete this thread already what was the point of even making it? At this point nearly every one of your threads you’ve asked a mod to delete it for a number of reasons. I recommend you think carefully of what you want to talk about before you make another thread and ask for it to be deleted especially since you don’t have much control over them.
What you’re doing if you don’t already know is creating more work for the mods to do that they could spend else where like you know moderating those trolls you seem to keep talking about.

It bothers me when somebody posts something and then it gets ridiculed or heckled.
I cant delete his smart remark, so i consider the post ruined.

Im just just going to chill in my little trollers post, where believe it or not
nobody gets trolled…

You are a very sensitive guy, aren’t you?
One bad comment and you flip the table and run out of the room.

Then again, you do seem to antagonize people… “slaughtering renegade fanboys”… I mean, come on…

Sorry I think the term renegade fanboy is uber cool-
Everybody is a fanboy of something or other.

That was a premise, so maybe the KI fanboy
was a renegade because of his teabagging and trolling…

That’s life not everyone will like what you do nor agree with you. If you don’t want the criticism don’t post it on a public forum, people will criticize whatever you or any one else puts up so you can’t go around censoring what you don’t like. Case in point there are no safe spaces on the internet.

the should make a character like the reavers from firefly

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Ill look it up thanks.

Well those people can speak for themselves, if you see a comment that is a blatant attack filled with insults or discriminating remarks or going against the forums policy code then by all means flag their comments which all moderators can see and they will handle it and again this is a public forum where you or I or anyone else can post our thoughts and opinions on whatever the topic is such as your dog ■■■■ example. Also deleting comments that you don’t agree with but are not “attacks” then that is a form censorship.

What did you think of the Bob Ross Video?

I’d be curious to see how a disgraced samurai would work in a modern setting. That could be a compelling character. Or perhaps they do the Hisako / Kan Ra thing and find a way to bring a more traditional disgraced samurai in to the modern world. I’d definitely be down for that.


Well this post as some has gone nowhere fast, Im leaving before
this gets hammered by the mods…

A katana wielding character would be pretty cool especially if was an armor possessed by a guardian.

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Perhaps something along the lines of Bishamon from Darkstalkers? Maybe a little less goofy with the armor having a face and teeth and what not. Would that be different enough from Hisako?

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Well one’s a ghost with a naginata and the other would be an armor and katana possessed by a guardian almost like Alphonse Elric from Fulmetal Alchemist but more demonic at least though my eyes anyway.

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