My new concept INSECTOID character

For season 4? 5? 20? lol

With the arrival of Gargos, ARIA was losing ground and her allies were abandoning their cause. She needed faithful allies, easily controlled and without human subjectivity. The Fulgore units are very expensive, and manufacturing depends on large installations.

It was then that she decided to test his new project. Using data collected from the mystical gem that grants powers to Sadira. Aria begins his new attempt to take control again.
This time using obedient, faithful species, who sacrifice themselves to save a queen. Aria uses bees, wasps and insects that live collectively. With the data of mystical gem, plus the technology of drones that Aria has in its possession, she creates a new species of humanoid insects. Ferocious, they feed of their targets, develop in complete forms in just a few days, and completely faithful to her. Now she has a new strength in his army!

Placed in the field for testing, if successful, Aria plans to populate entire cities with this new way of life.
But Aria does not understand (yet) that insects, as well as any form of life (not binary) always develop in a way that can not be calculated!


The face is to “trick” the human. The mouth actually opens like a fly, so it’s starting in the middle of the “lips” that does not actually exist. It opens the jaw through the middle and to the sides.

The wings are functional and it is all the time “floating” near the ground, it moves always flying.

The body is covered by exoskeleton, so she has a natural damage reducer

the main colors are yellow and black, like a wasp or bee


Their attacks are mainly damage by time. It has almost all movements based on acid. She vomits acid grabs when using the gripper arm, vomits on the floor to create traps, spits acid as projectile, and spraying acid in cloud form. The acid is the main attack with all temporary damage.
The acid on the floor for example does the opponent get “stuck” creating new ways of combos and play.

Instinct way I see it creating an acid cloud, as if evaporating from her body. And while the opponent is near, life will burn quickly. That is, even when it is receiving damage, the opponent will still lose life.

Why acid? Many insects spew acid in the prey and devour while being digested by stomach acid. And I wanted to create something less rushdown and more Kanra style

It is a reference to several classic films, like the fly, the mosquito man, and even district 9 :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy

best ideas? suggestions? Let’s discuss what would be best and leave the message for the devs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Maybe for S4, or S10


Certainly a cool idea, but I think it looks too similar to D’vorah from MKX.

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Yeah too similar to D’vorah

If you don’t mind me making a suggestion, perhaps try adding another pair of legs to make the character Quadrupedal, since insects are six limbed creatures.

Was this just copied and pasted from the concept art for devorah?

Just do not accuse me of copying because it did not in any way!

About putting 4 legs, I even thought about putting more arms … but in terms of gameplay (if it exists) is more difficult to happen. 4 legs would be bizarre: P

Speaking of Devorah…she really is an awesome character. Used her the other night… very well done.

Prob the only way to avoid the Devorah comparison is to make it a male?

Your artwork is awesome as always, man. I love your style!

But the guys are right… it kinda looks like a robotic D’vorah.
I do love the differences though. That mantis arm is awesome! It would be cool if both her arms were like that. And the mandible-mouth is a great touch too.

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yah…probably … or turn into an insect completely.

What I personally do not like hahah

maybe too much robotic! Although not my idea at any time LOL

This concept was controversial … I think it’s the first that has so much different comment

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If you put a hood over the character I would say it’s devorah.

Maybe a different color and face would adress the similarities people see.

I think too much D’Vorah. I’d say do something like Stun from Bloody Roar instead.

naaaa… now you were telling me “too Stun” lol

Ok guys, you talk I heard and I agreed! Time for a small upgrade
More insect, less human, more “royal” in her natural beauty lol

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I think this looks cool. I don’t get a D’vorah vibe at all actually, although I guess I can see it around the waist.

Just for the record, insects have six legs and four wings, so technically 10 limbs. But I don’t think you need to be that strict, because video games.

Beside D’vorah, the one thing it’s missing is a modern pop culture reference. Is there anything you could try to link it to?

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Looks much better :slight_smile:

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D’vorah feeling is gone? :sweat:

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The face, definitely but if look at both your design and D’vorah body you can see some slight similarities.

Might I suggest adding some other feature that make stick out. Completely your decision though

I was thinking the left arm with a sting from a bee & the right for a mantis blade coming out of its arm.

And is there any ants & centipedes in the bug? Cause with centipedes, its arms can stretch like them.

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Now she looks nothing like D’Vorah! Awesome job!

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Awesome job @Zeybuccaneer I really like the updated look just the right ratio between human and insect, got any idea’s for future designs?

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