My little Pony: The Movie Teaser


It’s no use

… Okay then…

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Not interested but with how big the fanbase is, it’ll sell well regardless of quality.

Reminds me of the recent news of Michael Bay planning to make 14 more Transformers movies… I mean… what? Really? Why? I know why, but… damn… they’re so bad, imo, and yet they are so successful, and apparently successful enough for him to want making 14 more of them!

Quantity over quality… oh how it irks me.


What’s the thing with MLP fever? Is it something to look cool or what?
As most little girls that grew up with the original series we didn’t really care that much about it. I remeber an episode that was done like a movie back then but apart from that I don’t remember a lot of the show (yes I had a MLP toy but I wasn’t fan of brushing dolls) but I think the new one is pretty much like that one (it’s for kids for what I’ve seen,maybe till 11-12 years?). As I watched the show I didn’t find something revealing about life or whatever.

The last sentence has to do with people making a documental about this MLP boom, Since this cartoon, IMO, doesn’t stands out that much. It’s good, but I can’t see how is much better than the older.

There were so many great cartoons back then …

@anon39655210 What a disaster of movies they are. And I loved TFs.

I am pretty sure those who like MLP don’t do it to “be cool”.

Lol, that was my first thought aswell…

A daughter of friends of mine loves it though, i think it just appeals to young girls like robots/transformers do to boys…

We no longer live in a world where it is so black and white though. And we shouldn’t be either. There are boys who like things that were orignally made for girls, and vice versa, and that’s fine.

Milking a franchise, however…

Well, I’m a bit of a hypocrite, as I look forward to the Final Fantasy 7 remake… talk about a milked franchise. XD

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Now didn’t they released a My Little Pony movie in cinemas several years back? :confused: Or was that a different one?

P.S. There’s a relatively new term/word now for male MLP fans, male fans of the MLP series: BRONIES :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



And I believe the female community calls themselves Pegasisters…


[quote=“TheIncubusLord, post:10, topic:20105, full:true”]
We no longer live in a world where it is so black and white though. And we shouldn’t be either. There are boys who like things that were orignally made for girls, and vice versa, and that’s fine.[/quote]
Yes, very true BUT HOWEVER there’s a double standard for that at the same time:
Boys who like stuff/products originally made for girls: They’re criticized and judged as well as mocked and ridiculed.

Girls who like stuff/products originally made for boys: They’re praised and encouraged as well as empowered and supported.

Am I correct on that?


#That awkward moment when you take your daughter to see the My Little Pony feature film and realize the theater is full of men in their late thirties.!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2014/07/08/883/n/1922283/14955da516caee3b_tumblr_inline_my1spziZey1s7fx81/i/Chris-makes-best-weirded-out-face.gif


I think the thing people miss about the most recent pony show is that it is a pretty gender neutral show. Replace the fact that they’re pink ponies with robots or superheroes or anything more male oriented and the writing, stories, and jokes would all still work just as effectively on a boys show. There isn’t anything overly girly beyond the fact that it’s ponies.

My best friend is an animator and knows Lauren Faust who created the new MLP series. He worked on a Bronie docu with Jim Delancey the voice of Q as well as Chaos from the MLP show.

The folks who created the series are huge nerds and generally stuff the show with references from Star Wars to Star Trek to WoW. That is the reason why it became so popular with the male audience.

If you ever watch a few episodes they are of great quality and generally have good writing.

I was never a huge fan, but even I find it charming at times, especially a part where they reinacted the entire finale of Star Wars with ponies.

@MaruMDQ You’re actually talking about Escape From Midnight Castle. I actually used to rent that episode all the time because the evil sorcerer turned the ponies into dragons. :smiley:

Here’s a hit of nastalgia.

I gotta be honest, all of my kids watch MLP, because it’s just a good show. It is genuinely funny, and has great writing. IMHO around season 3 it started to get stale, but compared to a lot of kids shows I’ve been exposed to in the past few years there are worse shows out there (I’m looking at you Backyardigans…actually I’m not looking at you, I’m banning you from my house).
I’d actually rather watch MLP than modern Transformers cartoons. :confused:

We probably won’t go to see this in the theater, but we’ll probably watch it when it hits Vudu.

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MLP is ok… Writing is good but the character designs are meh and I have a slight bias against “toy toons” . It does occasionally tug at my retrophilian heart strings.

I just like Lauren Faust cartoons. Grew up with PowerPuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends etc… awesome cartoons. A friend of mine introduced me to MLP, and I was very skeptical at first… I mean… ponies… it’s really not my thing.

It was fun though, but then the show rather declined… found out it was because Faust left the team. So that was it for me.

I’ve always loved odd cartoons though. Spongebob remains one of my faves, even though that declined too. And again due to a switch of teams. Ah well…

The new Voltron is pretty good though. ^^