My KI keeps crashing on PC? HAAALP

So I am trying to play KI on PC and the game keeps crashing on my mid fight against friends or just in survival. I have tried lowering my settings all the way down and also all the way up.

my rig consist of an i7 7700k, gtx 1080 and 16gb of ram.

I really have no idea how to fix this so if anyone can help please do I am desperate :frowning:

Its never easy to find the source of random crashes… you could do a clean install of the gpu driver or maybe one of the games files is corrupt- in this case delete and reinstall the game. with a 1080 you should be able to play the game on highest settings anyway, so tweaking the games settings will do nothing.

Maybe try disabling your virus software when you play KI. As has been said also reinstall the game and make sure you have the latest GPU drivers. Other than that you can try checking error logs on the PC to see if that gives you any clue to the issue. Check the “event logs” (search that from Cortana) to see what happened immediately after a crash…

I am also getting crashes i never had, i blame the latest Nvidia Drivers since it is all i have updated or changed, that or some Windows update that sneaked past my watch.

Ive heard that having the xbox app DVR on will slow the game down significantly. There is some kind of shortcut that can turn it on accidentally. My cousin had it on his laptop and his performance dropped from a benchmark of 1000 to barely 600. After he turned the dvr off, it went back to being fine. Its also important to note his laptop Just barely plays the game at a decent level without turning some features off.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, all drivers are up to date and I am still crashing constantly during matches it is very frustrating any help from the @moderators or @developers ?

I know this may sound very dumb, but try playing in windowed mode. My KI game on the PC runs like total junk with full screen complete with horrible video latency. I play windowed and bam, all issues are gone.

Your system is a killing machine, there is no reason you should be having problems. But like I said, even something dumb like windowed could work lol. If that doesn’t work, I suspect something is wrong video card wise

Intel I7 2500k
Nvidia 970 gtx
16gb memory

I will give it a shot although I would prefer to play in fullscreen. I don’t think anything is wrong with the video card because I can play ghost recon wildlands, overwatch, bf4 and other games just fine fullscreen and windowed all maxed out.

Right but all games are different. Like ghost recon, it’s such a damn mess you have guys with a pair of 1080 cards not going past 30fps lol. You turn around and guys with my card are fine at 70. Ki is weird for me, i run doom all day over 120fps max out but ki I get sluggish frames on full screen and If I forget to switch I’m gonna get double perfected lol

yeah but that sounds like a game optimization problem not a video card problem.

Yup, which I believe ki has

Well I tried not fullscreening and still crashing during matches. Welp, RIP KI right when I was gonnna buy Kilgore and Shin Hisako…

I thought @developers or @moderators would be of help but I guess not :confused:

Are you overclocked in any way?

My hero. So far this seemed to fix it. Took of my overclock settings no crash so far lets hope it stays this way.

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Glad I could help, let me know if it happens again. Don’t ask why, because I have no solid answer due to all the variables that come with overclocking but it can cause issues sometimes

Try reading the windows crash logs and see if you see a DLL, or something informative.

Why are you scaling down your settings?
If it’s crashing, check you windows logs…

The more I read this, the more I blame win10 and drivers…

Mabey a community fund to get Ms, I Galaxy, and drivers support, I m serious, been supporting this game since the mid 90s, paid full licence for this one, no refund and can’t play?

Intel, and radeon chipset.
Class action lawsuits. If this where a car, or baby stroller, they would not get away with this.

Not even going to try to wrap my head around and why’s and why not’s as long as it is working I am all set. Thanks again.

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Yep ■■■■ it, least you play now lol. Np man, good hunting