My KI custom arcade cabinet

It’s pretty cool, but if I were building a custom cabinet, I’d build a podium cabinet not a traditional 80’s cabinet. I build one like KI2 or MK3 that has a screen not attached to the podium that holds the sticks.

This is basically what I have done. It has some clear advantages, but it also doesn’t give you that full on arcade feel. After all you are essentially just putting sticks on a table.!2142&authkey=!AIravLxPtyWZoe8&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cjpg!2143&authkey=!AONLlQRVayJQrEg&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cjpg

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This is so true. Take a repetitive beat em up like Final fight, throw scan lines across it, crank up the speakers and play it with a joystick and a pedestal and it’s just way more fun.

Well, not much of a good update: The tankstick was delayed until the 9th, and the computer I’m going to fit in it is still un the shop waiting on the motherboard to show up in the mail, so right now I’m still using my desktop PC in it. But for funsies I went ahead and hooked up the coin door, and my kids had a blast. My mother-in-law even stopped by and I talked her into playing a quick round of Pac-man. She seemed delighted popping in a quarter & giving it a go, even thougj it’s not really her cup of tea. And @BigBadAnd, you’re right about the speakers. I always noticed on old arcade ports, especially a lot of late 80’s Capcom games, that they sounded weird…too pingy, I guess you could say. Now I know it’s because the sound was meant to be resonated through an arcade cabinet. I played Mortal Kombat 1 earlier today on it for the first time on it…and wow! The drums!!! They were awesome!!!


that’s awesome sure it will look amazing when is all set up.

well, I finally got the tankstick, which was the last piece (well, the computer is still in the shop, but my desktop is filling in for the time being), so it’s pretty well complete:


Looks fantastic !!

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Hey, I forgot to ask. How did it go getting the sticker on the tank stick? It looks good.

It’s ok…it wasn’t too hard at all. I am having a bit of an issue around the P1 joystick…it looks like the holes for the tabs around it are just a hair bit offcut, so it’s causing a little bubbling, but nothing too serious. It’s a big thick piece of vinyl, so it’s pretty sturdy and easy to adjust.


We are having a KI Party at your house. I’m bringing my "Dragon Kickin’ " Chicken wings. Lol

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Figured I would necro this thread to share some picks of my setup. I’ve been slowly modifying it. It’s not as cool as @WrathOfFulgore’s cabinet, but it works for me.

I have a Recroom Masters sit down pedestal stand, with a Asus 27" monitor. I used to have a 46" TV hooked up but I couldn’t deal with the latency anymore.

Anyway, with a some really cool art from @KrizmKazm and some printing and plexi from Art’s Hobbies I got a pair of PS3 SF x Tekken Pro sticks modded up for KI (using a pair of Brooks adapters and a USB hub to play on Xbox One). I’m super stoked about the way the sticks came out. Here’s what it looks like at the end of the day.

Tagging in some friends @FallofSeraphs76 @Marbledecker


Oh damn, didn’t know you were putting a whole stand together - looks good!! Looks like you even have a little shelf there for drinks and whatnot.
Hot eats cool treats.

Wow man that looks really really great! Im impressed! Looks way better than my cheep Walmart stool with a rolled up family guy blanket to angle my fight stick!
I need something like this in my living room! Good job dude!

Looks pretty good.

Thanks man. Now all I need is… Time to actually play the game.

And friends to come over and play! lol… my friends consist of my 6 year old son, and rearely my 7 year old daughter and fiancee.
Glad KI has amazing net code and I have really good internet.

Have you played Eyedol yet?

No, I’ve played against him, which can be pretty frustrating…

Ive enjoyed him, sometimes I can kick ■■■ with him and some time i get destroyed. It really all depends on when the switch out occurs.

Ive had some good comebacks too… but over all Id say my win % is prob 50-50

Not quite got him to lvvl 50 yet but I think Im at 40.

Looks like you need to brush up on TJ Combo. I just saw a tweet - that seems fun. How did that thing get going without me knowing about it?

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That is a really great looking arcade cabinet! I have an Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 machine that I’ve concerted to a multicade, but unfortunately apart from buying an original KI or KI2 pcb I can’t play any of the Killer instinct games on it. I have every Street Fighter prior to 4 though

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