My Glacius Tech

Here are some of my favorite set ups for Glacius


Man I’d love to goes some rounds with you to learn more about glacius. I’m still relying on seaon 1 tech that doesn’t apply much anymore. I get wins but not as much as i could!

Yesss these are all such sweet sweet eye candy. I envy your dedication and level of play for sure!

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Yea we can. Just hit me up whenever on Xbox Live

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I actually put your channel link in the description of my Glacius guide video, which shows off basic and advanced strategies. I mentioned that your channel is a great place to find a whole lot of Glacius tech. You guys can all see why I did that.

Never knew about the auto triple thing, I’m actually surprised I didn’t think of it myself.


You Sir Are A God Among Men. That is all.

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I was just watching that clip too and was like wow, this tech is so old. This was before I became part of the C88’s and I was with them for over a year. Now I’m with an actual sponsored team now. This is one of those techs that has been out there but never really taken off because hardly anyone has seen it or knew about it. Same with activating Instinct before the last hit of a Shatter Hail and going straight into a combo.

amazing combos! its great to see glacius getting more love.
does the glacius quad hail combo only work against aganos or all characters?

Thanks. The quad hail only works on Aganos at the moment due to his huge hurt box.

Wow TexAce this is good stuff.

You might remember me, I used to play a lot back in S1 and the beginning portion of S2.

Either way, just wondering if any of this tech has been patched out. This stuff is really awesome! Feel like I’ve missed so much!

Thanks for sharing!

Sup @ThisIsSPADAAA. Yea I remember you bro. Everything in this thread is still available to use.

Come season 3, from what I’ve tested in the build (could change on actual release day) is we can no longer do the hail cancels (cancel recovery of hail with a shadow move)

Good to know. I’m starting to wonder how viable shatter is going to be as an offensive option anymore with the S3 chances. Do you feel like this hinders a lot of his current setups (i.e. Meaty blocked HP into Shatter)?

I feel like Hail and Lance will become his primary plans of attack now. Especially since you can fire more than one hail at a time, I’m sure you can convert from full screen with the right setup.

Glacius is really good now since hard knockdown are breakable now and he doesn’t need to sweep to get a hail set up.

Just do hail ender and summon the hail strength you don’t need for the next set up after the first bounce and it will hit. Immediately follow up with tapping/holding the 2 remaining strengths of hail and have fun.

I got to play him this past weekend and he’s really strong now.

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Man, you are going to be freaking NASTY with the S3 Glacius. RIP who ever comes across your path, lol!

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That last combo though :open_mouth: !

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Dang it you’re making it so tempting to play Glacius again, been putting a lot of time on Cinder and Arbiter lately.

0.0 That is amazing