"...my game ... is not ... dead!"

Drew - Scalebound - Fourth guest character.

-in memory-


What dreams are made of T_T

Would be the perfect fourth guest for KI.
A consolation, after what happened with Scalebound … Microsoft would do a little forgive.

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Hhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg… guest characters… my heart hurts… I have to… I must… I can’t help it… I…


… Aaaahhhh… now I feel better…


You want to add a guest character from a game that never even came out? That’s a bit of a stretch, I think.


What? It’s not April 1st? Is my calender wrong? I don’t understand this thread… unless it’s just a bad joke. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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On the other hand could it be considered a guest if the character has no other IP it’s tied to other than KI??:thinking:

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Plot twist. Microsoft “cancelled” the game so they could reannounce it at E3 for the Scorpio and everyone gets hyped that it’s back.


I doubt it. But I wish it’s real… :sob:

Yes, they decided to do what MS wanted and stopped making the game better in favor of various loot boxes that you can buy at $5 each. All the new MS games are doing it. Less focus on game quality, and more focus on microtransactions and “loot box gambling”.

Why are you putting brilliant artwork in the wrong catagory?

A character who did not get his own game, coming to KI, would be a unique, interesting and original story …

Well, Capcom does it all the time.

Ruby Heart and Amingo were suppose to be characters for a Darkstalker game that never released. They just used their assets for MvC2.

My condolences to Scalebound and it’s fans

I can see it’s fake, but thankfully it is. I think it’d be a waste to forc e a character from a game that never came out to start with. Just because Capcom did it doesn’t mean IG/MS have to.

Still I wish you didn’t do that cause I’m confident you opened up some wounds.I’d much rather more fresh and original characters.

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It’s a bigger waste to throw out game assets whole sale. I see sort of a character adoption.

He wouldn’t be a guest but a part of the KI family.

Tune him up, call him “Eagle”. Done :slight_smile: