My Feedback regarding ranked

After resetting to qualifier I found that there is a real thrill in going back up the ladder. I missed this all those months that I was fighting amongst other killers.

Ultimately I feel that once a player reaches Killer they should stay there but however they should still experience a similar tiered system within the Killer ranks. For example:

-Each tier of Killer is broken up by 1000 points. So a T1 Killer has between 0-1000 points.
-Once a player gets to 1000 points they have a promotion match just like bronze > silver
-Players in higher tiers can lose tiers with “demotion” matches
-Matchmaking higher tiered Killers would be desired by the system
-Higher tiered Killers get less points for victories against lower tiered Killers and get more points from victories against higher tiered Killers, effectively removing the 50 point minimum point gain from victories and replacing it with a dynamic point system depending on tiers. The diminishing returns would combat players who GRIND all day.
-Top 32 still possible due to each player having a point value within their tier. Example a tier 25 player with 600 points is technically higher on the ladder then a tier 25 player with 200 points.

And with all this going on still retain the monthly resets in ranked. Finally after 6 months reset all ranked.

This would give a much more satisfying feel to victories in Ranked. On the current system a killer with a low score who can’t play as often doesn’t get a good sense of satisfaction in victories. This system would give more satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, provide stronger diminishing returns for grinders and still keep the top 32 structure in tact.

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