My (extremely bizarre and frustrating) experience with KI season 3 and windows 10

Normally I’d keep this to the official launch issues thread but Infilament spurred me to do it so, because it’s such a ridiculous tale. There’s so much to say that it’s probably better to start a new topic anyway.

To start with though I just gotta say, BOY do I love this game’s system. It’s a serious piece of work, I’m in love with most of the design decisions and it’s extremely fun. Most of this topic is going to be about issues with windows 10 rather than the game itself.

I upgraded to windows 10 to play this game. I was pretty okay with the OS at first, and was eager to get my hands on the game. The problems started right away at launch. I could play training mode just fine, but was unable to play online at all. Like many others, I was unable to obtain a teredo address. With some help from several community members I ran the gamut of potential solutions, exhausting damn near every option until finally I found a forum post saying that the teredo issue could be caused by running the windows 8 version of the software due to upgrading from win8.1. So I figured, I finally found the solution! Glad to have the option of a system reset that won’t mess with any of my programs or files, I reset windows 10. Things got messy.

See, it says that all you’ll lose by doing the system reset is windows 10 apps and settings. But when I did the system reset, none of my programs were anywhere to be found. Bizarrely, though, the space those programs took up was still being used. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. I eventually got to the point of using a disk space viewing program to identify which locations where using the most–no dice. The program was convinced only about 5GB of space on my hard drive was being About two hours later, a folder called “Windows.old” mysteriously appeared in my C drive, containing all the missing programs. Problem solved I guess? And I’d fixed KI! I got about 5 online matches before shutting my computer down and going to sleep. It had gotten pretty damn late with trying to deal with those issues.

The next morning, I was back to not being able to connect to matchmaking. I had the teredo address, but trying to play online just gave me an error. So…that wasn’t good. But that was just the precursor to the real problem. Just a few days later, my start menu broke–apparently, not an uncommon issue with windows 10. It wouldn’t respond to being clicked on, and no windows 10 apps worked. This, of course, included KI, but more importantly it included things like windows settings. Once again, I looked online for solutions, and tried nearly every one to no result, until I found myself with two possible solutions: one, make a new user account and manually transfer everything possible to it (since it seems there’s no automatic process for that in windows 10.) two, do another system reset. I opted for the latter because it, at the time, seemed like less hassle. I still had to make the new user account, of course, because I wasn’t able to access the settings menu to do the system reset. Had to use a command prompt to make the account for the same reason.

So, I did another system reset, which fixed the start menu, but this time most of my programs were gone for real. The windows.old folder was generated, same as last time, but everything alphabetically before “S” in my programs folder was gone. Checking my steam library, all my installed games before “D” were gone, as well as key files steam needs to run. Worse still, when I reinstalled steam and tried dropping those game folders into my library, none of them were recognized, leaving me having to redownload everything. Still, I’d fixed the problem of the start menu not working, and I hoped that I’d somehow fixed the matchmaking issue with KI. I reinstalled the game, loaded it up, and ran into the current issue keeping me from playing–the game freezes whenever I try to play online. I haven’t reinstalled yet, been busy with dark souls 3, but that’s my next step on this long, long journey.

I think the worst part of all of this is that I really do love the game and I want to play and get better, but for now I’m stuck offline. Still, I hope that soon I’ll be able to finish my qualifier matches and start my fight to killer rank! :smiley:


If anyone cares I finally fixed it, I did turn windows firewall on but something else turned it off before I tried playing, which led to the problems trying to play online. Turning it back on fixed it! Didn’t give it much thought because I’d dealt with it before, but “before” was pre-system reset.