My experience - suggestions, problems and glitch

Hi! First let me say that I am Brazilian and I don’t know English very well. So I may write something no sense. Sorry! I ask for patience :sweat_smile:

Problem: when I want to get out Shadow Lords mode, and I can press B to cancel or A to confirm. But pressing A doesn’t close the mode. I must to press X.
Other question. My game is translated into PT-BR, but only this window is in English. It is unpleasant. I think that is not the work of the core team, but would be nice to tell the team that makes the localization.

Glitch: I defeated Omen with my Sabrewulf, but at the same time I lost half of life. Sabrewulf got up with 50% of life, but in the HUB he was with 0%. That it was sad :confused::joy:

Suggestion: it’s weird some characters “speak”. Maybe it would be nice they just “think”. And I would like to read more different interactions. Many of them are repeated.

Generally I am enjoying the game. And It’s very nice to see the developers requesting community views.

Thanks to all!