My bonus 18,000 ki gold went to the wrong account. what should i do ? sos

@rukizzel good day sir, thanks for the awesome season 3 you guys are awesome!! pls i need help my 18000 ki gold went to my sister account on which i preordered season 3 .pls i am desperate for it be on my active account! pls help!!!

It goes to whatever account you purchased Season 3 with, so it looks like you’re stuck with it on you’re sisters account…

Don’t think much can be done other than maybe contacting MS. I mean you get the 18,000 gold on the account the pre order was purchased on. In this case it was your sisters account. Not really MS’s fault.

yeah, its a non refundable transaction, I’m not sure the devs have the power to just remove and add gold at will, unless will to any account they see fit beyond the store front

Im pretty sure this is a done deal, because of being linked to his sisters account now, the only thing he could do is call Xbox Support and see if they would refund the game for him to repurchase on his account, but I dont see that happening.